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Hey guys it's me! I actually learned this myself this thanksgiving and I am not taking it from a website. I would reccomend youtube vids if you don't get this.
You need paracord, scissors, pliers if you want, and buckles or a pin. Oh, and a lighter or matches.

So, what I did is you measure your wrist. You take two colors both pieces half the size of your wrist.
You take the extra white stringy stuff inside out. Then, you burn one of them and you want to make it kind of pointy so it can fit inside of the other one. You burn the other one, then put them inside of each other. Then, you burn them together and flatten until they stay together. 
Make a loop where there is only one color right after the place you melted it together. Put one half of the buckle through.
Take the ends and put the other buckle through that side until it looks like the length of the bracelet you want. You need about 3m of paracord for one bracelet. Turn the bracelet around and this is where you're going to start knotting/weaving. Now remember you always make a loop with the same color. So make a loop then you're going to take the second color and go under the first color, over the main two strings, and through the loop. Then pull the two ends together. Do that until you reach the end. Then you're going to want to cut the two end strings until there's nothing there, burn it. Make it stick to the back. It's real easy once you get the hang of it.
Now I hope this helped. It took an ipad, my family, and many youtube videos around the table. Thanks!- Kira
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