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okay so it's long, but I had major catching up to do! 

SUNDAY, JULY 8TH: We hope that you weren’t too scared last night and that you’re bags are all packed because we’re going to France! Make sure that you personally thank Chantal (our little trip advisor) for planning the little vacation while her parents are off in Iceland. Today we’ll be flying out so we’ll be meeting up at her house around five before we all head over to the airport. Seven hours and we’ll be in France, baby!   

"May I please see your passport ma'am?" I handed my passport to the brunette behind the counter at the airport as I entered the landing towards the plane.
"Nice picture!" Kevin stood behind me, laughing at the 13 year old me in the photo on my passport. 
"Hahaha very funny." I replied sarcastically.
"So what's your seat number?" he looked over to my plane ticket.
"No way, I'm 22B." he shoved his ticket in my face to see the number. 

I ended up falling asleep for most of the plane ride, but when the pilot warned us that the plane was landing, I woke slowly, to find my head leaning on Kevin's shoulder. 
"Sorry." I muttered.
"It's fine." he smiled.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 11TH: Today we’ll be venturing over to Nice to spend the day by the beach. Just keep in mind that the Europeans are a bit more comfortable with exposing their bodies than us Americans might be. Consider yourself warned. 

"Hey!" Tabby called over when I got to the beach. I ran over, sand crawling inside my sandals and onto my toes.
"Hey Tabby... And Con." I smiled. "So, you two dating?" I asked. 
"No!" they both shouted in unison. "We're just seeing where it will take us. Very casual. Do you girls want a drink?" Con added. 
We both nodded as he parted our small group. 
"So it's friends with benefits." 
"Well..." we both giggled.
"So how's your love life?" she asked me when things got quiet. 
"What about the older guy that we all saw you kiss on gossip blast?"
"He's gone. Over with. I'm totally single and ready to mingle!" I joked as Con walked back, holding 3 drinks.
"What about Kevin? You two were pretty friendly at Kennedy's party."
"Oh, it's complicated. But we're not together or anything."
"Well he talks about you a lot."
"Really?" at that exact moment that my eyes widened slightly when he said that, Kevin walked over.
"Hey guys!" he shouted as we all got quiet. "Con, you wanna go play beach volleyball?" 
The two boys walked away as Tabby and I watched them from behind.

FRIDAY, JULY 13TH: Kennedy and Con managed to befriend some local Parisian girls about our age who have invited us to the house party they’re showing tonight. Hope you’ve brushed up a bit on your French just in case you’ll need it tonight. Either way we’ll be partying with the French so let’s show them how we Americans go hardcore. 

I entered the house of a French girl in Paris who was having done huge party. How cool did that sound? I had managed to get in by using the French I knew from visiting my aunt and uncle in Montreal. I don't think the girl fully understood my québécois French though... 
I noticed a group of kids from Coldgrove and walked over. 
"Hey Alex!" Ingrid called from the group. Tabby and Alexa were standing beside her, along with most of their dates. 
"Kevin was looking for you before." Tabby winked. 
"Are you two dating?" Alexa joined in.
"No! We almost did though, a few months ago. Before Julian and everything." 
"What happened?" 
"Long story."
Someone grabbed my arm and spun me around. It was Kevin. 
"Hi." I was looking forward to seeing him, but at the same time, every time I saw him, I was reminded of Ivy and everything that happened six months ago. I wasn't sure yet if I was ready to let go of all that. 
I guess my response was distant, because he quickly got the message and made an excuse to leave. 

Later on, I saw him talking to a girl in the corner. I French girl, I'm guessing. She was definitely very hands on. A small conversation quickly turned into a lot more, and at the end of the night, they were already locking lips. 
I wasn't exactly sure how to react. At first, I didn't mind. But the more I thought about it, the more it bothered me.

MONDAY, JULY 16TH: Who’s afraid of the dark? If you’re easily scared then I’d suggest sitting this event out. Tonight we’ll be sneaking into Paul Dever, the old psychiatric hospital on the outskirts of Coldgrove. It’s been closed for the last twenty years. Rumor has it that the place is haunted. We’re going to go check it out so bring a flashlight but be careful of the cops. Wouldn’t want to get caught for trespassing, now would we?

"I can't believe we're sneaking into Paul Dever!" someone shouted.
"Shhh!" another yelled. "Don't let the cops find out! They always circle this area at night. If they notice anything suspicious nearby, we're dead!"
We all entered the old, abandoned psychiatric hospital with our mini flashlights and cell phones. 
The group split up into many smaller ones and we began walking around. 
We passed an even darker, more abandoned room in a small dead-ended hallway. Someone called my name from the room and i jumped in the air, dropping my flashlight to the floor.
"Kevin?" I whispered, walking into the room and leaving my group. He had done the same, seeing as we were alone in there. "Uh hi," 
"Why have you been ignoring me since we left France?" 
"I haven't been ignoring you!" I lied. 
"Did I do something wrong?" 
"No!" I yelled, hoping he would change the subject and back off. His face grew concern and so I had to give in. "Remember that party we went to in France? What happened between you and that girl?" I asked.
"Oh that! We just talked, and stuff. I don't even remember her name."
"I saw you two kissing." I admitted. 
"I was drunk. I don't even remember half of that entire trip! And besides, I thought you wanted nothing to do with me?" 
We started walking out of the room and ended up on the roof of the bungalow section of the hospital. The roof was surprisingly low.
All of a sudden, we heard a car door slam. At first we assumed that it was just a kid, but then we saw a group of two or three cops enter the building. 
"Sh-it! We have to get out of here!" I whispered, freaking out. 
"Follow me." Kevin took my hand and directed me to the other side of the roof. "Lie down here. They won't be able to see us." he pulled me down right next to him so our hips were touching. We laid there until they left. After we heard the last cop car door shut and drive away, I looked at Kevin and we both burst out laughing. 
"Thanks for having my back." I thanked him.
"It was fun."
"How did you know that the cops wouldn't find us here?"
"I used to do this stuff all the time, so I was pretty good at hiding from cops." 
"Oh. Well I'm very new to this." i smiled.
"I can tell." he joked and we both laughed. It suddenly got quiet, and we looked at each other. Our eyes met and he moved in closer, and kissed me. 

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