Seoul Mate

The next days flew away and before I could notice it I found myself preparing the last details for my journey. The night before my trip, Stephanie and G were nostalgically standing behind me while I packed the gifts for my family.

“Do you really have to leave? Just now that I’m here?” Stephanie complained pouting like a child.

“Shut up, you’re not the one who will have to work 6 weeks alone” G glared at my friend as he sat on the floor next to me and helped me with my luggage.

“I’m sorry, G, I’m really sorry” I said as I threw him an apologetic glance.

“No need to feel sorry, you need to rest, I’m reasonable enough to understand” he said staring at Stephanie with accusingly eyes.

“Oh guys, stop arguing, I’ll be back before you can notice my absence” I tried to cheer them up, but truth was that inside I was feeling terribly regretful about leaving, suddenly I wanted to stay there, I couldn’t imagine my life without G around, brightening up my days with his sarcasm and jokes, even if it was just for a short period of time.

“You know what?” Sometimes you get on my nerves” G laughed as he continued to pack some stuff in my bag “Always leaving everything for the last moment, you’ll look terrible at the airport tomorrow, look at your eye bags!” I merely smirked amused but said nothing, we remained quiet until we were done packing and with the help of both of my friends I left my luggage ready for the next morning. G said goodbye, and hugged me tightly. 

“I probably won’t be able to go to the airport to say goodbye” He said, I replied by nodding my head, understanding his position.

“Don’t oversleep, you have to be at the airport at 9 am, I already called a cab for you, it’ll arrive around 8” It was the last thing my best friend said before stepping out of my apartment. Stephanie came to my side and hugged me.

“I’ll miss you” she said. I smiled and reassured her.

“I’ll be back soon, enjoy Seoul and the beautiful apartment your best friend is leaving for you!” I said looking around, she simply grinned and put an arm around my shoulders.

Next morning Stephanie woke me up and I reluctantly left my comfortable and warm bed. She hugged me twice before helping me with all my stuff and didn’t let go off me until the taxi driver closed the trunk’s door and she knew it was time for me to go. I got into the car and waved goodbye at her through the window.

All the way to the airport I remained quiet, the soft ballads the driver was listening at made me feel more and more melancholic, it was like if would never again go back to Seoul, like if I would never be able to see the beautiful sky of the city of my dreams.

“We’re here!” The driver smiled at me gently, I simply nodded, making a huge effort to avoid tears.

Stephanie locked the door hurriedly as she pressed the cellphone against her ear.

“I’m coming, I’m coming, can’t you wait a minute?!” She angrily let out as she walked towards the lift, but before she could reach it, the doors opened and a tall guy emerged pulling a suitcase and hiding his anguished expression behind a pair of sunglasses. He kindly bowed at May’s friend but she simply tightened her lips annoyed.

“I just came to say goodbye, I’m going to Japan” Jaeseop explained like if Stephanie was May’s mom, he was suddenly nervous, he thought that a guy would surely feel the pressure he was feeling in the presence of his girlfriend’s parents. 

“You…” Jaeseop was aware that the girl wasn’t any fond of him but he said nothing and both of them just exchanged glances, the female doubted for a second but she quickly recalled G’s words and for the first time in her life she decided to consider his opinions. 

“May is not here” she softly said, the guy’s eyes widened immediately, he wanted an explanation, but his mind went blank, all he could hear was his heart beating violently into his chest. “She must be in the airport, she's going back home” she briefly explained. “I’m sorry I have to go now” with that last phrase she quickly jumped into the elevator pressing vehemently the button to close the door.

Jaeseop stood still, Dongho’s words finally made sense. 

“Hyung, can we talk for a moment?” The maknae had asked the previous day during their last practice in Korea. Jaeseop’s face had showed a certain discomfort but at the end he had agreed by nodding his head. “Hyung, I have no idea about what happened between you and May noona” Jaeseop vainly had opened his mouth to stop Dongho from talking, but the younger guy had simply continued as if nothing had happened. “But it’d be good if you two talk before we leave for Japan, probably…” the guy had taken a deep breath and talked rapidly as if scared that if he stopped halfway he wouldn’t have the courage to complete his phrase. “…Probably you won’t see her when we come back”

Two hours later two planes took off, one of them was taking a famous Korean idol group to Japan where they’d be touring, giving concerts for thousands of fans and appearing in various TV shows; the other one was taking a common girl back home where her family was waiting for her with the same fervor U-kiss’ fans were waiting for their favorite group.
May sighed loudly and looked through the window, the beautiful and bright sky blinded her for a second, then she turned to her side and gently grabbed the hand of the person sitting besides her.

“Don’t you feel happy about going back home?” the male smiled to her.

“Should I when I’m running away from my problems?” She inquired.

“You should be glad your best friend is leaving his boyfriend alone and his work in charge of a useless girl like Stephanie in order to make you happy” G stated.

May smiled widely, she was unaware that Jaeseop had gone to her apartment to say goodbye, she didn’t have idea that he had been running around the airport looking for her desperately, she didn’t imagine that U-kiss members had tried to find her among the crowds of tourists before embarking the airplane, she never thought that in that moment Jaeseop was thinking about her and regretting deeply not having been able to see her before leaving Korea. May nodded and squeezed G’ hand, then she placed her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes, feeling immensely happy about the fact her best friend was following her, feeling unusually calm and relaxed after noticing G waving his hand from the travellers’ multitude, Stephanie running behind trying to catch up with him and Lee trailing after them with two big suitcases, in that moment she understood that they had created bonds in that beautiful place she loved so much, that in Seoul she had always had her soul mate with her. 


ok, this is a little bit boring but hope you had like it! :) and just in case it's confusing G is going with May.... he decided to accompany her in the very last moment ^^
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