The New Directions put on a large concert for their friends and family to raise money for Nationals. Sugar insisted on paying, but agreed with the idea of performing. After much encouraging from Mr Shu the New Directions agree to perform.

"Red Solo Cup" Is the 4th number of the night Sung by Sam. He spends most of his time hovering around Quinn, and directing the songs insults at Puck (his best friend). He directs lines such as "When I get to hittin', On them, to help me get lucky" at Quinn raising his brows suggestively.
This leads Santana to chorus the entire Glee Club to start singing 'Quinn Solo Cup' (making the song incredibly dirty) Making Sam and Quinn as red as tomatoes.

Meanwhile Bella is hanging with Edward and Jacob during the song, singing along happily with a Red Solo Cup in hand.

Kitty is standing still and keeps trying to sit down, but Marley, Jake and Ryder are purposely making her stand up knowing that her shoes are hurting her. Eventually Ryder picks her up, throwing her over his shoulder and Marley and Jake get her shoes off. And suddenly Kitty is dancing around with everyone else all happy and not in pain.

Bella is dressed up for her (Alice's doing) Bella is even in a small heel, and she is doing well. She has a minimal amount of make-up. But she fought Alice on the jeans, and won, then went for a classy sweater.

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