ugh this set is so sucky.
ithink i coulda done better.
whatever i wanted to get this done quickly, so everyone knows that im BACK!
not that theres that many people who noticed:P
oh well. i must agree, for my past few sets were quite sucky since i made them in computer class with barely any time to make them better. okay, um lets see... i went to paris for easter break, going back to school tomorrow, and i was going to go to istanbul but our flight got cancelled so we took the train to paris instead and i bought two paris bags, a bunch of clothes, && lots of stuff from claires, and i went shopping yesterday & bought three AWESOME things at Tally Weijl (wait, do they have that in the US? i think so... :S) so ones a dress that has gold sequins on it, one is leather leggings with like a gold shimmer on it, and one is an amazing blue shirt that looks like it belongs on a red carpet, it has no strap on one side and a big bow on the other side(but of courese im wearing something under it) and im wearing it to our spring fling(it was gonna be a valentine's dance, but it got postponed because of the reason two sets before this(the RIP one) okk if you read all this, which i doubt anyone will, write, um... oh yeah PARIS!!! thxx && im happy to be back :D


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Wrote 5 years ago
you fluffy alpaca.

Wrote 5 years ago
awww thanxx:]

Wrote 5 years ago
not sucky at all--i really like the stuff in this set, especially the picture at the bottom! :)

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