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A Royalista is a fashionista who loves Royals. This group is all about recreating royal fashions, making outfits we would like to see royals wear, and, well, anything royal and fashionable, really.

Group Guidelines:
- Copying other people's work is not allowed.
- Only sets related to royals, or royal characters are allowed.
Contest Guidelines:
- One set may be submitted to up to 3 related contests (Example: For the contest "What a Royalista would wear leaving the hospital with her newborn baby", the set may also be entered into a contest for babies, or another related to royals)
- Sets with outfits worn by famous royals like the Duchess of Cambridge will be taken out of the contests.
- The set must follow the dress code specified in each contest.
- Bribing for votes is not allowed.
If any of the guidelines is not followed, you will be noticed, if the set is not changed, it will be removed from the contest. If any member copies a set, they will be removed from the group.
Any Royalistas may join!

Monarchy Today

Monarchy Today

This is a group for every member of Royal and Noble Family around the Polyvore Land.

Royal Crossovers

Royal Crossovers

Royal Crossovers gives you the opportunity to interact with other creators and crossover your stories. All control of the specific contests will go to whoever started it.
To start a group, please contact me with an event or series of events you wish for other creator's to crossover their stories into and include this information;
-Date (if you have one)
-Dress code
Contact rules:
-Please make the information clear
-Choose the winners in a timely fashion after I ask you to
-If you are not confident in your English, don't worry about it
Contest rules:
-NO copying!
-Please only submit sets clearly participating in the crossover
-Submit as many as you want within reason
-Abuse of other profiles is not permitted
All copying and abuse cases will be looked into before it leads to any repercussions.

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