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Saturday; Tonight is date night! So cuddle up to some ‘special’ because tonight we are of course going to the Eiffel Tower and seeing the lights show.
Wear; Your Style

Date night in at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, it couldn’t be more depressing for me. I was dateless, but I wasn’t bummed about that it was something else. Just the fact of what I had done made me feel like I had an awful disease. I avoided Jasmin and Mitch since Thursday night. Hopefully I could avoid them tonight.
 I saw Reece talking to Roxy. While reading magazines I learned they had some past. She was some sobered up model from AMM. I guessed she didn’t like me because I caught her glaring at me when I asked Reece if I could talk to him in private. “Is she going to bite?” I thought.
“Hey, I just wanted to apologize for Sunday night”
“No problem”-Reece said.
“Well also I wanted to thank you for being my date”
 "Yeah, it wasn't a big deal. I wouldn't have had a date if it wasn't for you." He said and looked back at his date.
Maybe I was getting over my head. Reece was nice like a big brother I guess. But I found myself waiting for something else… 
"Look, kid, I'd love to help you out. I mean, I'm not exactly the best guy to be seen in a tabloid with, but... I like you. We can chill sometime. Like...friends--" He said. “Okay…”- I thought –“Old dude equals bro-friendly, right?”I asked myself.
 "Oh, I know," I said laughing pretending everything was cool. 
 He put a hand out. "Friends?" 
“Great”- I thought.
 "Friends," I agreed and we shook. 
 "I gotta go." 
 "I get it," I said and left. 
Well when you confirm friendship and you find yourself single in Paris, one thing left to do, get my sorry ass drunk.

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