This is the hardest one to do because I am an accessories 'ho. I really (at this moment) do not believe in minimalism when it comes to accessories... scarves, bags, costume jewelry. Why not have more?

But if you're packing to move to Paris for 12 months, I'd have to cut back. Reason #1: Space. Reason #2: Gives you more of a reason to pick up new stuff that won't take up a lot of space. I mean, a new pashmina? A new belt? Perfect excuses to shop without breaking the Euro bank.

For bags, I'd have to be ruthlessly practical. 1. A multipurpose black leather. 2. A mutipurpose nylon or canvas tote. I have a longchamp here but actually my Herve Chapelier might be more practical for international travel, with the zipper and all. 3. a tan leather handbag. 4. a small crossbody / clutch for dinners, traveling light, etc.

Jewelry would be a mix of standby basics with a few standalone pieces. I'd probably pick a small case and force myself to fit everything in there. Again, it's not like I couldn't pick up a fun statement necklace if I needed to.

Perfume: ONE. You're going to Paris, for pete's sake. Just need something to tide you over.
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