I'm over him. After all that. All I needed was some innocent croissants and champagne with my big brother! He flew over from London to see me in Paris in between my full-time shopping and parties with Ruby. (which by the way Ruby he's raving about crashing the New Moon premiers this week - fancy it?) I do love my big brother, he is the only man I need... In fact he is the only idiot I need, which is just about all men, definitely including him. He says he's got a new girl friend back home and he's get serious, I had to try really hard not to laugh - him, serious? kidding much? He also said Mummy and Daddy aren't doing well and things don't look too good, but that's fine, I got my man, my big brother, and I won't miss Mummy nagging all the time. So really I'll get some compensation money and get over it. Boo hoo. Ah well, Paris really is fantastic, as soon as I get out of school I'm getting a new apartment here. LYL big Bro xxx
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