Still looking for answers, and feeling the need to put these benches in sets. It's not that the setting is exact, at all, but just the fact that there is a park bench included. 

There's one feeling/memory that has been coming to me... That at some point in my life, i knew it was unsafe to sit with my back to a woodsy area on a park bench. This is a big clue, and i *know* it is important. Someone could come sneaking up behind you, or even run quickly up undetected. I also have the feeling that someone (or more than one) could be hiding in the trees when i look at pictures of woods in parks. 

This is the kind of partially buried memory that continues to niggle at your mind until it is uncovered. There may be multiple memories involved with this subject, too. 

Finding out answers!! That's my desire....even finding a bad memory is better than amnesia and gaps, pieces of missing time. I welcome every bit of time that God gives back to me, even if it feels painful. It's worth it! As the time pieces are given back, more healing comes, and controls are further broken which were put on us by the abusers.
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