Park Tae Jun sure knows how to pick his Aboki models; Hyung Seok and Joon Young are so handsome *_*

not to mention Joon Young was on Superstar K 4. I didn't pay attention to the show much, but I'm glad Dickpunks is moving on to top 2. They're the ones I would've rooted for if I were to actually watch the show. Hyunwoo has skills.

But apparently Chi Hoon has left Aboki and people are asking whether he and Tae Jun are still friends or not (Chi Hoon apparently hasn't updated his twitter or cyworld for weeks/months, idk, too lazy to check) and was replaced by Joon Young. CHI HOON AND TAE JUN NEED TO STAY FRIENDS FOREVER, OKAY?! GAHH.

I dunno. It's kind of sad that Chi Hoon's trying to get away from the entertainment world but then again, I'm glad he's taking care of himself and stuff.

Plus I think I saw him cheering for Joon Young on SS4 with a couple of other ulzzangs. I can't seem to find the pic anymore though. cry.

But anyways, yeah. I think Hyung Seok and Joon Young are going to be my characters for Coffee and Cakes. I haven't decided who my female character will be. It was going to be Haneul, but then I saw that she looked even faker than she did in Ulzzang Shidae 6, so I'm guessing she got another nose job or something. She looked absolutely gorgeous without ps though. Now her nose looks really fake and it just makes her face look awkwardly..plastic.. Eh, I probably will use Haneul anyways because of her closeness with Hyung Seok and kind of Joon Young so I can find pictures of them together. 

Yeah, but if you guys think of an ulzzang/idol girl that's kind of young and looks like Hyung Seok's age, you should tell me. :o

And I KNOW I clipped buttloads of pictures of all three ulzzangs, but Polyvore wants to be poopy and now I can't find them in the search box. I'm too lazy to look through my items, too. poop poop poop.
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