status: dating aiden buckingham; friends with benefits with jaden

I woke up at Aiden's flat where I spent the night. I rubbed my eyes and looked to the other side of the bed to see that Aiden wasn't there. 

I got out of bed and went out into the living room from there I could see Aiden out on the balcony, there he was already dressed and drinking a cup of joe.

I walked out and stood near him looking out onto the lovely view of the street below us and some old, but very beautiful buildings.

'Good morning.' I said sounding quite happy though I had just arose from bed


He pulled me closer and kissed me.

'Are you ever going to come to New York with me?' 

'I know it'd be great if I could just automatically move to New York City but I can't.' 

'Why? There's plenty of work for you to do there you can't tell me that there's that much filming going on in London.' I said taking my focus off of him and looking down at the cars on the street

'I know it might not seem like it but there are a lot of opportunities here in London and yes sometimes I might film in New York City but not all the time.'

'Then why can't you just switch locations and live in New York and fly to London?'

I then looked at him for a minute, it got silent and he didn't respond for a while.

'because.. well i just don't know.' he said walking away back into the living room, he sat his coffee cup on the table and sat down on the couch

I walked in the living room and looked at him, he was silent he didn't even move he just sat there with his hands clasped together like he was thinking about a hard decision.

'What do you mean you just don't know?' I asked 


'Because, what? Aiden be a little more descriptive!' I said getting a little mad but I tried to sound calm

'I just don't know if we're worth me moving to a completely different country.' He said sounding mad, he got up from the couch and started walking away to the kitchen

'You mean me don't you? You think I'm not worth moving across seas for?'

'No, Parker, I didn't mean it that way.'

I grabbed my trench coat from off the couch and slipped on my shoes and ran out the door.

'Parker, I didn't mean it that way!' I could still hear Aiden yelling

I slammed the door behind me, trying to hide my tears I ran down the flights of stairs until I was out of the building then I got a taxi and went to my hotel, packed up and took the next flight to NYC.

Whatever happened to 'absence makes thy heart grow fonder?'

p a r k e r
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Wrote 7 years ago
love the outfit :D

Wrote 7 years ago
super cute!!

Wrote 7 years ago
cute xoxox shann

Wrote 7 years ago





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