The next morning I woke up to the sound of the t.v. in my room blasting some stupid soap opera show. With a groan I reluctantly got up and shut the t.v. off. I checked the time on my I Phone and realized it was 6:30. 
"Oh shit!" I said while running out of my room to wake up the rest of the girls. We were suppose to get to the airport by 8, and we still didn't pack! I'm soooooo gonna kill the boys for not waking us up. 
"Taylor wake up! We need to get to the airport! Now!" I said screeching for her to wake up. I saw her yawn and get up slowly. 
"Chill, Tara. It's only... 6:30! What the hell! How come you didn't wake me up!" She said worried.
"What do you think i'm doing here?! Now get ready!" I said while storming out of her room. Next was Selena... This isn't going to be good. As I walked into Selena's room I found her sound asleep on her bed. 
"Selena Marie Gomez wake up this instant!" I said while shaking her bed forcefully. When I say your full name i'm down right serious.
"Five more minutes mom." She mumbled under her breath. I sighed and shook her bed harder if that was even possible.
"No, we're going to be late for the plane and you still haven't packed. Get up lazy butt!" I said for like, the hundredth time! She instantly shot up from her bed and went into the bathroom in her room. My job here is done. I ran back into my room and checked the time. 6:47. Dang nabit! I hurriedly packed all my clothes into my suitcases and carry on's and checked the time again. 7:39. Shit, I still need to get ready! I jogged into the bathroom inside my room and took a shower. After my shower I changed into my clothes and laced up my Vans. I grabbed all my suitcases and walked out of my room. There I found all the girls and boys sitting on the couches waiting for me.
"Don't just sit there! Let's go!" I said while Zayn and Niall took my suitcases for me. When we got outside we found two limo's waiting for us. Zayn and Niall put my suitcases in one of the limo's with the other suitcases. We all jumped into the other limo and told the guy the address for the airport.
"Um, sorry but do you think you could go any faster?!" Liam asked the guy driving.
"Oh, you want faster ayh?" The guy replied as we came to a halt at a red light. He put on some leather gloves that had cut off fingers on slowly and put a pair of dark sunglasses on.
"I'll give you faster." He said while gripping the steering wheel. I could see his knuckles turn pale yellow slowly. I suddenly felt a pain of nervousness shoot through my body. Oh, brother. The car barely even sped up. I looked over my shoulder and looked at the milages and noticed it was only at 40mph. I groaned again and started tapping my foot impatiently. Something I do when i'm nervous or impatient. After 15 minutes we FINALLY got to the airport. We all rushed out of the limousine and rushed into the airport. The security guards put our suitcases on the escalator thing while we all checked our tickets. We got into our jet, yes jet, and got into our seats before the het took off. We were the only one's on the jet, mainly because this was our PRIVATE jet. I know, being a celeb is the life. Our manager, Courtney, came out and greeted us.
"Hi, i'm Courtney and your managers wanted me to take care of you guys and gals until the tour is over. Now relax and i'll take care of everything okay?!" She said in her overly cheery voice. We all nodded our heads 'yes' while she left. 
"So, what do you guys want to do?" I asked everyone. We were all seated around the beige seating area of the jet. In the back of the jet there was a little dressing room where we could change our clothes, and next to it was a bathroom that had a sink and toilet, but no bathtub.
"How about let's make up a song while we pass the time?!" Niall said happily. I smiled at his idea. I love how he's always in a happy mood!
"Okay. First you'll start and then let's go counter clockwise. The next person has to say the next line." I replied. This is weird, but the chairs were seated in a circle with a little gap at the end as an entryway. 
"My name is Niall, I like to smile. You stare at me i'll say I have style." Niall began. I started giggling at his rap. It was good, next was my turn...
"My name is Tara, I where mascara. I'm a princess so give me my tiara." I rapped. I started giggling uncontrollably at the end of the game and realized it was 2:45.
"I. Want. Nando's!" Niall whined for the thousandth time. 
"You always want Nando's." Louis said while nuzzling up to his pillow. 
"Come on Nialler. I'm hungry too. Let's go to the little kitchen and get something to eat." I said while un-buckling my belt and grabbing his hand.
"Actually wait! I'm gonna change into my sweats and then we'll go. 5 minutes. 'Kay?" I asked him while letting go of his hand.
"Fine! But hurry, i'll miss you too much." He said with a wink. I blushed and picked up one of my carry on's and walked into the dressing room. I never knew Niall was a flirt...
part 3!!!! Leave me comments of any suggestions you have and how you think the story is so far. Hope you guys liked it!!!<3
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