"Morning Baby" Niall says to me while hugging me in bed.
"Hi baby" I say tiredly " I'm gonna head out to the store quickly, okay?"
"Why for?" Niall says 
"To go get me a pregnancy test" I say to him while yawning
"Alright princess. And i'm gonna go head out with the boys to see what they have up to." 
"Don't do anything stupid" i say jokingly 
"What's that supposed to mean huh?" He says as he tickles me which he knows i hate
" Niall! I'm gonna kill you" i say laughing hysterically. I start getting dressed to head out to the store. " Niall can you come with me somewhere?"
"Where to honey?" 
"To the tattoo parlor. I wanna get a tattoo. I already have in mind what i want and i'm not gonna tell you what it is. It's a surprise."
" Okay fine lets go to the tattoo parlor." 
We get in the car and he takes me "Moon and Sun Tattoos and Piercings." I head in with Niall and i talk to tattoo artist. "What kinda tattoo ya want?" The tattoo artist says in a gruff voice. 
" A heart. But not just a heart, a heart with an infinity sign in the middle." He gets up and he prints out the design. " Is this good?" He says 
"That is perfect." He starts getting his needle ready and i start getting nervous knowing that it is my first tattoo. I flinch a little once the needle is on my wrist. " Keep calm alright" The artist says in a calm voice. After 15 minutes in there, the tattoo came out exactly how i wanted it to be. I head out and i pay that tattoo artist $20. I still have $20 over left for the pregnancy test. I see Niall waiting for me in the chair. " Baby what do you think?" i say to Niall as he stands up.
" I think it's perfect like you." He smiles and he takes my hand and he leads me out. 
"Can you take to the store babe?" 
"No problem sweetie. By the way i talked to the boys and they said hi and they asked how have we've been."
" Tell them i said hey and that i've missed them too. Also that we've been wonderful and that i might be pregnant." I smile. I head out of the car
" Niall can you wait here for like 7 minutes? I'll try to be quick okay?" 
" Yeah i'll wait here." 
"Thank you!" i start heading in the store and i suddenly have craving for junk food. i head to the chips, candy and soda aisle then i go get my pregnancy test. i see a free line and i go before anyone else can. i pay about $11. I head out of the store and i see Niall in the car blasting music.
"Niall really? Music."
"Too loud?" he says chuckling
" Noo I just love my ear drums being burst" i say sarcastically. I laugh and turn the music down. 
"Alright now to home i shall go!" i laugh loudly. Niall holds my hand and looks at me quickly. He starts giggling after. I get home and i give Niall a kiss before he leaves. 
"Don't do anything stupid please Niall. I trust you."
" Ya don't trust me with that boys?" 
" No i do, it's just you guys are a little rebellious." I get out of the car and Niall spanks my butt. I turn around quickly " Hey no touchy-touchy my butt mister." 
" Aww why not" he says whining
"Oh stop it, would you like some cheese with that whine?" i say a pun my mom always used to say
" That's such a corny joke." He says while he's leaving the driveway. 
I head inside and i go to the bathroom to go take the test. += pregnant, - = not pregnant. I go ahead and take it. I wait a couple of minutes and it says... +. I cry with tears of joy. I immediately call Niall. 
"Niall!" I say crying
" Baby what happened what's wrong?" He says panicked 
"I'm pregnant!" i say excitedly
"Oh my god baby seriously?!" 
"Yeah really" 
I'll be home soon alright darling? Anything you want so i can bring home?" 
Can you please bring me chinese food?" 
"Of course baby." I hear Niall yell " BOYS WE'RE HAVING A BABY!" I can hear the boys yelling with happiness.I hear Harry say " CONGRATULATIONS!!" I chuckle. 
"Thank you baby, i'll see you home soon."
"Okay bye sweetie" He hangs up. An hour later, he comes home with chinese food and something else. 
"Niall what's that?" 
" Turn around and i'll show you." I turn around and see that its a necklace with baby feet on it. 
"I thought i'd get it for you since, well you know. 
" Niall this is adorable! I love it thank you." he puts his hands on my stomach. 
"A baby i can't believe it." He smiles at my stomach
" Believe it baby. We're gonna be parents. Do you think that we should get started on the nursery?" i say
" Lets wait a little while more to see if it's a boy or girl" 
Part 9 coming soon! -Edda xoxox- and don't forget to comment below on what you think!
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