Partners in Crime - A Battle Group

Partners in Crime - A Battle Group
Moderated by acciokelcey.
created by Samantha on June 8th, 2013
this is a different kind of battle group. (mine tend to be)
in this group, you'll join with a partner and you'll compete together. you'll be judged together. your partner should be someone you trust, you'll make hacked and collab sets together. you're only as good as your partner.
This is an ELIMINATION battle. One (or more) pair of partners will be eliminated in each round, until there is only one pair left.
rules :
O1. respect me, other competitors, and your partner.
O2. enter on time. if you're not able to enter, tell me ahead of time. if you fail to enter two contests in a row, you'll be eliminated.
O3. Don't join if you can't be active.
O4. This competition will involve going on your partner's account. So don't hack.
first place
- set / icon / etc. made by me
- your username on this group
- fifty set likes + all of your collections liked

second place
- set / icon / etc. made by me
- inspired set
- thirty - five set likes + half of your collections liked

third place
- inspired set
- twenty - five set likes + five collections liked
audition template :
O1. Rainbow Narwhals
@simply-samantha & @my-name-is-emily
O2. Spider-Man's Spies
@aussiesyd-xo & @epicawsomeness
O3. The Roses
@nightlock & @holly-violet
O4. The Boo Family
@hmcr & @chloeadorable25
O5. The Larrystacios
@grace-malik & @cloud9-abadsantos
O6. The Nefarious Platypuses
@fashion-trendie & @pinkpoprox
O7. Destiel4Lyfe
@lillyisabanana & @foreverandalways-rachael
O8. hipsterBABES
@loveshawnal & @p-eyton
O9. the summer girls
@tropical-summer-xo & @love623
1O. They can't handle our skills
@inhaleparadise & @cookiemonster4eva
11. Disney Darlings :)
@giligansarmy & @jmcsparin
12. kawaii summer
@briannashy & @i-love-stan-the-man
13. Lampshade ladies
@nautical-nons3ns3 & @daniellemalik123
14. pri-chops
@forever-young214 & @nerdcorner
15. fainting fangirls
@loldonuts & @coconut-ziall
16. unicorn tamers
@leah-weasley & @twisted-fantasies
17. french toast mafia
@fashion-challenges & @just-a-smallinfinity
18. the pixie sticks
@hailey-direction & @superstarsushi
19. The Tropicanas
@summerlove-sarah & @kaleidoscopecolors
20. alaskian daisies
@theinfinitewallflower & @summer23134
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