✧✧✧Clever as the devil and twice as sexy✧✧✧

✧ The name's Estalia Marchessa Isabelle Rocci
✧ Pronounced- Est-aa-lee-ah Mar-chess-ah Iz-ah-bell Raw-chi
Nickname{s} ; They call her Estee or Ali
✧ Lived for 16 glorious years...
✧ Born on a sunny day on 11th November, At 11 minutes past 11 .
✧ Born in a huge private suite in a large hospital in the party capital of the world, Ibiza.
✧ This beauty is the epitome of perfection. There's no other word to describe he. Random people on the street stop to ogle . Her skin is pale, separating her from a bevvy of tanned girls, and her cheeks roses. Her otherworldly beautiful face befits her grand lineage, no doubt. Her face is rounded and not sharply angled, yet heart shaped, with a smooth, flat forehead without the slightest trace of wrinkles, not a single blemish. As you go just a tad lower you spot her eyes. Beautiful, expressive and almond shaped, so green it will make you gasp. Not emerald, it's a much rarer shade. A lush, deep green that is so bright it's not emerald, it's the exact colour of poison. Of acid, of fresh blades of grass. They're jewels in themselves, deep and endless ; they're infinite pools of acid inviting you to get lost in them , sparkling seductively. They can pierce a hole right through your soul and make you spill you're deepest secrets, so warm and deep are they. Once you lock eyes with her, you will not be able to look away. They look flirty at first, but she knows better. They're haunted by a dark past and framed by long, lush lashes so curly, so dark they seem almost fake. They touch her highly contoured, high, perfectly chiselled cheekbones. And her nose is so perfect, a girl at her school got surgery to get one just like it, failing miserably. Because her looks aren't something you can get through surgery; she's naturally blessed. It's a small ski slope, spotless and cute. Not the slightest bit of discolouration will you find there, let alone pimples, acne or freckles. Her lips are rosy pink and rarely smeared in gloss and such. They are full, juicy but not plump and clearly defined in a way that can only be called a Cupid's bow. Anybody would die for one touch, one caress, one kiss of those lips. Underneath are white teeth, and her lips pull into a devastating smile that can break your heart, with a cute little dimple. It can be so seductive you will fall for her in a second. Her hair is pure golden, silky and smooth, so gold it can never be obtained using hair products. It flows down her back in a cascade of elegant waves, like a waterfall, shimmering mutely. She has a body anyone would kill for, slim but incredibly curvy though not at all fat. Her 28 CC's compliment her curvy body perfectly and her legs go on for miles, so tall is she. She will always tower over you, even in flats. She's 5"10 , being the perfect model.
✧She's a really unique person, like a collage- colourful and everchanging, and never quite the same as others, but still a work of beauty. And moody. She can go from sweet to sour in 0.001 seconds. She's loud, brash, arrogant, winning and friendly. Exactly the type you might find partying hard anywhere without a care for the world. She is slightly haughty, but not much. She just has high standards of the people she might extend her hand to, and never is friends with anyone below those standards, and thats not arrogance. She knows just what to say to make you crack and incredibly fiesty, loud, snarky and capable of making many sarcastic comments. She loves freedom, it's her deepest desire, her passion. And this love makes her reckless and lawless, but not criminal. She doesn't give a damn what people think of her but likes being appreciated. She's a flirt and if she hates you she will land you in living hell and not even regret it. She always does does own thing and never listens to those except who she trusts. She lives life to the fullest. She's high class.She has to live up to her prestigious name but doesn't like being restricted. She loves destroying the happiest relationships with her icy eyes and seductive smile, but isn't a tramp.

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