parvati atshva

♕ name :
parvati atshva
♕ age :
♕ date & place of birth :
i was born in india. the maurya empire. i was born a strange looking duchess on the cold fall day of november 23. my mother and father both left me at the age of thirteen so i could go off and get married. i refused, and my family never heard back from me.
♕ family's origins :
Buddhists, Indians
♕ title :
i, fair parvati atshva am the duchess of india.
♕ family's religious affiliations :
- - - -
♕ full biography :
i was born in india. the maurya empire. i was born a strange looking duchess on the cold fall day of november 23. my mother and father both left me at the age of thirteen so i could go off and get married. i refused, and my family never heard back from me. i grew up staying in my home. it wasn't kept dirty: i acted as an adult and cleansed it daily myself. i ignored the suitors who knocked at my door, pretending to be a maid. my parents didn't bother to write to me. they were going off to the feeble parts of the world to cleanse and feed the poor, just as Jesus did, although i admit is was very strange considering that would be going against our religion. meanwhile, in the mauryan empire, economy was spreading. people needed to farm for others- children started to lie about their ages in order to receive jobs, and finally, christianity was spreading. my life was except able though, considering the weekly packages of paychecks coming through the door that my parents earned and sent to me.
♕ secrets :
i am a girl who is sick of royalty and its common dangers: "don't let anyone know you're not married. stay in the house at all times." i told my parents i was fit to be lonely, but loneliness is the key thing i hide from others that i've been missing.
♕ family :
father- unknown
mother- unknown
- - - -
♕ appearance :
{{ facial details:: a long, matured and oddly structured cheek bones. cheeks are low and bulging; deprived of hunger. eyes are a menacing brown, usually sported with bags, and eyes are slanted up, with an asian elegance to them.}}
{{ rest;; body is an elegant, ballerina like shape, with very thin ends, again, deprived of hunger. her neck is veined, popped and oddly old looking. her legs are long, with some weight plopped onto them, and another ballerina like shape, silky and long lasting. }}
♕ favorite hobbies :
i enjoy staying where i wish to stay. i like to write letters without the actual occasion of sending them. i stay in secret, where no one can complain about how a duchess keeps staying in her castle, and how someone can be so lonely. i go into the back of my house to feed ish and ram, but do like to ride them as long as i am not seen.
♕ strengths :
i feel as though i have no strengths. i pray to Buddha everyday, but do not pray for my own strength. i believe that strengths will just build you up and then let you down.
♕ weaknesses :
i do enjoy privacy, but i feel as though i am captive to myself. i do not let myself do much, and must take care of myself, including reinforcement and rewards, which even if i feel as though i've earned them, i cannot take to them, because i must stay put. nobody can know about my parents- and how i'm not married. the citizens of my village believe that my parents are on a world prayer recital, but others believe that i am either dead or am just not taking to my royal deeds and that i deserve a harsh whipping for not working or going to school- they think i am drugged, a prostitute or just simply a bad duchess.
♕ personality :
there is nothing to me. nothing to give my life a twist... i suppose you could call me a loner- a peasant even; i am so hungry. although i have food and money, i cannot go out and farm or buy from hopeful peasants or farmers. you could call me stupid; i'm not; i'm wise, but i suppose i could be getting paranoid of this royal life. i call myself an disloyal, selfish brat: not doing my deeds for my village.
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♕ reason for coming to the english court :
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two comments

Wrote three years ago
make sure you dress in traditional indian dress of the time.

Wrote three years ago
not supporting the princess, and not doing as i should for my country.
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♕ activeness? :
8...... 10
♕ extra :
♕ reason for coming to the english court :
i came here to start over. although i cannot actually go into the womb, i can be unnoticed here. seriously. this will be a new life. with plenty of gold and money, i can be a normal, rich, indian girl, who isn't royalty at all.
♕ one drama idea / plot idea for your character :
well, this is horrible, but i was thinking that my character could be revealed as the duchess of india and then have a sentence of death or something....
♕ sample roleplay :
parvati atshva
shanina shaik; outfit soon.
unknown duchess of india
{{ the wagon stops. i thank the kind peasant from the maurya empire and do not unveil my lace over my head. i am dressed as a peasant, and cut myself with a dagger to permit bruises and scars onto my body. i was sacrificing myself for a trip to the english court. the citizens would certainly recognize me coming out of my house undisguised, and would demolish me with questions and would probably murder me.
"why do you need to go here m'lady?" asked the peasant. i slit my eyes and slapped him across the face.
"fool! i am gone now- do not question me you peasant!" he looked towards my tattered robe and dress and fiddled with his black bruise.
"sorry m'lady. but you are a peasant as well." my eyes raged with fire. if only he knew who i was.
"leave me alone." }}
{{ i left the wagon, my tangled black hair dangling aside me. i would remove my attire once i was permitted into this majestic new place. and hope that no one found me. in a new life. }}


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