How perfectly amazing is this top? I want it so badly. I am having a party on Memorial Day and I wish I could wear this outfit.

**Shirt**So I got the shirt in the mail today and I simply adore it! The material is thin but I like it and the coloring on it is perfect. If you buy this top make sure to size up like I did. It's a short length top and the fit is a bit small as well. I chose to size up because it looked like a short top and I am glad I did. Next up will be the boots then on to the handbag. :)

**Handbag**The purse sold out today. So bummed it couldn't stay in stock until I could buy it. I've spent forever trying to find a bag as good for $50 or less with no luck. Any suggestions will be appreciated everyone.

**Shoes**I ended up getting a slightly different pair of boots. They had a less noticeable thread stitch at the base and I ended up catching them on sale for $13 + free shipping. You can't beat that price and I'd say that I got more than my money's worth. The boots are comfortable and stylish and I have just the right amount of extra space at the top opening to wear skinny jeans with them. I love the height of the shaft and it hits me on the calf at the perfect spot to accentuate them. (I'm 5'5.5") I anticipate a lot of compliments in them because I know they look fabulous. Even at $24 which they are priced at right now it's worth it and I recommend them. They are perfect for everyday wear and add just the right subtle style to complete any outfit. I am seriously considering getting them in brown as well.

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