Today I wanna share my "Top 20 Cry hard Korean Drama" based on my opinion,if you have another to share you can write comments below..mmm,I'm that much watching dramas since I'm a kid !!
1.Autumn in my heart -2000 Song Seung Hun,Song Hye Kyo,Wonbin [The best I think,thump up]
2.Snow queen-2006 Hyunbin,Sung Yuri [Never wipe the tears out ]
3.I’m sorry,I love you -2004 So Ji Sub,Im Soojung [Feeling bitter inside]
4.Phoenix-2004 Lee Seojin,Lee Eunjoo,Eric Mun
5.Ireland-2004 Hyunbin,Lee Nayoung
6.Stairway to heaven -2003 Kwon Sangwoo,Choi Jiwoo
7.Pure heart-2001 Ryujin,Lee Yowon
8.When it snow for an X'mas-2009 Koo So,Han Yeseul
9.Winter Sonata -2002 Bae Yongjun,Choi Jiwoo
10.Sad love story-2005 Kwon Sangwoo,Kim Heesun
11.What happened in Bali-2004 So Jisub,Ha Jiwon, Jo Insung
12.Age of Innocence -2000 Koo So,Kim Minhee
13.Spring waltz -2005 Seo Doyoung ,Han Hyojoo
14. Green rose-2005 Koo So,Lee Dahae
15.Tree of Heaven -2004 Lee Hwan,Park Shinhye
16.49 days-2011 Jo Hyunjae,Lee Yowon
17.Magic-2004 Kang Donwon,Kim Hyojin
18.A love to kill -2004 Rain,Shin Minah
19.A thousand day ‘s promise-2011 Kim Raewon,Soo Ae
20.Piano-2001 Koo So,Kim Haneul,Jo In sung

** plus I’m not include for ranked but recommended , Tough Guy's Love [2000-Wonbin]
Thank you[2007-Janghyuk],Bittersweet life [2008-Lee Dongwook] a bit cry for IRIS oh my so many!!!!!

Actually ,I watch so many dramas and my ranked maybe you’re not agree with it.
Just found out that around 2000-2006 Korean drama trend about to cry hard not just cry and forgot but stuck in my brain as well. Before Secret Garden era Hyunbin is the king of sad drama for me along with So Jisub,Koo So and Kwon Sangwoo.

The queen of cry hard drama for me is Lee Yowon [and Soo Ae too] I watching her dramas all of them haha<33 and 3 of them made me cry.

I never have heard many ppl said my ranked 4.Phoenix is cry hard drama but totally for me I cry since ep.1- the end plus how sad is it? Also real sad is Lee Eun Joo my fab actress that time she found dead same year as drama on air.. 
Maybe I’m grow up &realized that’s just fiction so I’m not cry easy when I watching sad dramas the last that really cry my heart out is 49 days ,it’s okay I’m feeling bitter for A thousand day’s promise and Scent of women but not made me cry that much.

However,I need cry hard drama alive after 2010 not much to see good product again new gen need some cry hard too.

- I'll make my Top 10 cry hard Japanese dramas? too.
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Wrote 4 years ago
Congratulations on your 1st place win!!

Wrote 4 years ago
Congratulations on your win!!! ❤

Wrote 4 years ago
Congrats on first place Sweetie!! XXO

Wrote 4 years ago
YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA, congrats to you my wonderful Rainie, you won this contest...with this yummy fabulous set...hugs to you, best wishes, Linda



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11th place in group contest: Fall-ing in style

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