I've been making a ridiculous amount of text sets this week or two but deleteing them five minutes later. So I shall sum everything up here and now.

- I'm thinking of leaveing polywhore. I have no real reason to stay other than somewhere to post my writing. Other than that, I could leave and have no heartache. But I probably won't leave because I'm silly like that.

- After I finish my story, I'm not writing a full story like that again. Considering I stay.

- I watched Hercules for the first time the other day. I absolutely loved it. I can't believe I haven't watched it sooner. The characters had such a good story behind them and the soundtrack was one of Disney's best. That and Megara is my kindred spirit. I relate to her so much oh my god.

- I put my name down for school captain. Completely altruistic. I just don't want the fat whore that nobody likes running my school.

- It's crazy that I essentially only have a week left of my preliminary education. I don't even know where my life has gone.

- I got my exam timetable the other day. :(((

- I had to tape my hot teacher's foot today. It sounds quite kinky but it's totally not what you think. It was my first aid prac assessmanet and L O L. Everyone else got to tape whoever's foot but my name comes first on the roll. But my teacher is quite the attractive fellow and he said I actually done a really good job for my first time taping an ankle. 

- I can also perform CPR. I'm not certified, but if I saw you dying on the street, I could maybe help out.

- How many bears could Bear Gyrlls grill if Bear Grylls could grill bears?

- I also watched Tangled today. It was amazing. I loved it. Not exactly what I grew up with, but I'm glad Disney's going back to the boy meets girl fairytale movies and ditching ideas like 'The Emper's New Groove' and 'Lilo and Stitch'. Oh how I hated those movies.

- Good teenagers, take off your clothes. ;)

- I only have three more assessment tasks left to hand in. An essay, a practical art piece and my maths assessment which I've basically almost finished I just have to draw up some graphs and I'm done.

It's weird that in almost a year, I'll have graduated and will be starting prep for my HSC.

How stupid is that? In Australia, we graduate high school before we do our major exams that basically determine what you're going to do for possibly the rest of your life.

This is actually quite lovely. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dJYjwMtkPA&feature=feedf

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