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+ name: payton shay kennedy
+ age: 21
+ birthday / astrological sign: 3rd april / aries

+ likes: 
 -surfing, hiking, kayaking, mma (dangerous sports in general - specifically water sports)
 -good food
 -people who like a good time
 -adventures -- anything that gives her the next thrill

+ dislikes: (at least six)
 -fake people / party poopers
 -doing nothing / boredom / laziness 
 -her younger sister
 -her mom

+ appearance: blonde hair, blue eyes
+ height: 5'7"
+ weight: 120lbs
+ style: whatever she likes, really. she likes flowy things, not much for constricting clothes.

+ personality: always looking for the next thrill, payton is constantly doing crazy stunts and outrageous acts. she seeks adventure - her mom thinks she should just join the circus. she doesn't care much about what people think of her, she just does her own thing. payton loves to horse around with the guys or gossip with the gals, whichever floats her boat in the moment. she can be incredibly sweet or an outright b.tch the next if you cross her. 
+ bio:

+ family:
 -mother: olivia 
 -father: jason
 -sister: emma
+ past / current relationships:
 -currently single
 -used to have a fling with [sean faris]

+ model: amber heard
+ taken by: @hurricanehaley
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