my dream first day outfit includes the following items:
♥:: black JAGK t-shirt
♥:: glittery mini skirt
♥:: black suspenders
♥:: denim button down shirt
♥:: brown leather jacket
♥:: adorable hat
♥:: lacy scarf
♥:: floral backpack
♥:: studded leather ankle heeled boots
this outfit reflects me because it includes a JAGK t-shirt & I LOVE all time low, it has lots of layering which is great because im always going from hot to cold, it has the preppy aspect with the suspenders but also the rock aspect with the studded shoes and the leather, & it has a scarf which i wear to protect my neck a lot...

& here's how my first day went;;
6:45 AM: Wake-Up, Shower, get dressed, & go my hair, then head out to grab a hot chcolate from STARBUCKS!!
7:30 AM-Arrive at school & walk in, waving at everyone who I see & who kind of looks familiar. I hit the bathroom before class to make sure that I look alright, then hit up homeroom before I go to first period.
7:45 AM-Science class, where I get sat next to 2 really awesome girls named allie & lauren. we're all in laurel hall & we bond over that. They compliment me on my shoes, which are hard to walk in, but totally worth a compliment. We all become lab partners for the year and decide to eat lunch together.
8:50 AM: I hit up my locker where the lock gets stuck & I drop all of my books, & end up being late for math class -___-
9:05 AM: I stumble into math class, where the teacher notices that I'm late and has me sit right up in the front. Luckily, he's reviewing linear equations & proportions, two things which I rock at :) I answer all of his question perfectly, & he's very impressed with me :)
10:10 AM: Grammar class is going fairly well when I get to share some of my summer writing that I did, until I get a text message from my ex, asking how everything is going. I try my hardest to ignore it, & instead pay attention to how well everyone is receiving my story :)
11:30 AM: the history teacher is hilarious & seems really cool. I think that he will actually make my least favorite class a ton of fun :) I also have that class with Lauren & Allie, which is cool :) After class, my locker finally opens & I decorate it before lunch with lots of pictures from home
11:20 AM: I go out with Lauren & Allie for lunch & I run into three beyond HOT guys from the school across the way. Their names are Victor, Joey, & my favorite, ANDREW..♥ who has the most beautiful blonde wavey hair & nerdy glasses :) we exchange numbers at the burger joint & chat. Andrew loves the fact I'm from NY (he's from PA himself!) & his buddies are totally into Victor & Joey. I forget my ex & delete his number from my phone :)
12:55 PM: Reading is quiet & relaxing, which is perfect. I read my favorite book for the entire class, & feel the best that I have since, well forever :) Andrew sends me a text, making sure he has the right number, to which of course I respond YES
2:35 PM: Latin is scary, & I am freaking out before I go in. But, I findout that my French skills are going to come in handy & I can say "Hello My Name is & I am having a wonderful first day!" The teacher smiles & gives us brownies & coffee, letting us watch french movies for the rest of class, which are my favorite
3:25PM: I spend my entire studyhall texting Andrew & we plan to meet up for a movie this weekend :) im ecstatic & I leave studyhall early to go & find a new outfit for our movie date :) This was the best first day EVER
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