Hello lovies. 
I was tagged by the great @loveemychrist. 
Name? Peri, just Peri.
What are you wearing right now? Pjs, consisting of Hollister sweatpants and my Newsies shirt. 

Favorite season to shop for? Winter and fall. I love sweaters. 

Opinion on online shopping? Depends, when I know my size its all good to online shop. 

Do you shop clearance? If its cute. It doesn't really matter to me if its on sale or not. 

Best sale item you bought? 2 cute skirts from Nordstrom. 

Favorite places to shop? Anthropolgie and Nordstrom.

Describe your style? Think flirty dresses, oxfords and ballet flats, skirts and collared shirts. 

Most worn item of clothing in your closet? Black flats. 

Favorite top? I don't really wear tops cuz I'm a flirty dress person, but my favorite dress is a white dress with black swirly round things. 

Favorite sweater? Umm white or black sweater from Nordstrom. 

Favorite jeans? My dark jeggins that I got in California and my medium wash from Nordstrom. 

Favorite dress? Shoot I answered it already. But I have a second favorite dress, its blue. :D 

Favorite purse(s)? My black shoulder bag from Francescas. (kind of like the one in my set)

What's the best deal you have gotten on a purse? Not sure, don't really purse shop. 
Favorite accessory? A ring my Aunt got for me for my birthday. My Aunt told me it was one of a kind :D It has a my birthstone in it.

Most worn accessory? The ring I just talked about cuz it goes with everything. 

Most expensive accessory you've received? I guess the pair of diamond earrings my mom and dad got me for Christmas. 

Most worn bag/purse? Black bag from Francescas. 

If you had $5,000 to spend on one item what would you buy? A dress that would make me feel magical. 

Do you shop at Walmart/Target? Yes I do actually. Some things are really cute. 

Do you buy full price or sale? I guess both. I'm not really a bargain hunter, but if something really cute happens to be on sale then thats cool beans :D

What do you think about thrifting? Never been before! I kind of want to to see what I would find. :D

Do you have any knock-offs, be honest? Nope. I don't really have designer stuff either. 

Most expensive article of clothing you've gotten? A green sweater from J. crew. 

Any hand-me-downs? My mom used to give me shoes, but my feet magically shrunk. 

What does your winter coat look like? Not sure, don't have one and if I do I forget :)

Online shopping VS In-store? Store please.

Favorite beauty product overall? Overall, my Bare Minerals foundation because its very natural. 

Most worn eyeshadow? I don't wear eye shadow, but if I do I use it as eyeliner in black. But otherwise I sometimes use this hot coca color. 

Most worn lip cosmetics? Cherry chapstick lol. That and NARS matte lipstick in Amsterdam. 

Favorite makeup brand? Urban Decay all the way (Ya see what I did there?)

M.A.C. VS regular, cheaper makeup? Whatever works. ;P

Worst skincare product you've used? Umm I guess Proactive. It did nothing for my face. I now use this stuff from the doctor. :)

What soap do you use? Rainbath by Neutragina. 

What shampoo do you use? Coca thingy by Bumble and Bumble. 
Favorite makeup looks? I like when people use colors that bring out their eyes like when people with green eyes use purple. 

Eyeliner or Mascara? Both!!! Yayayayayay

Do you get your eyebrows shaped? I get them waxed for the shape, but tweeze them to keep them look fab. 

Most expensive skincare product you've purchased? The face wash I use from the doctor.

Favorite nail polish? I like dark purple on my nails, and sometimes light pink. 

Regular nails VS gel nails? I tried gels but I kept picking them off. So regular nail polish. 

Favorite foundation or blush? Foundation from Bare Essentials and blush also from Bare Essentials called The One. 

How many times do you shampoo your hair in a week? Everyday actually because my hair is super thick and get greasy easily. 

Do you go to the salon? My mom is a hair stylist, so she cuts my hair. 

Describe a bad hair day you've had? Umm, whenever its frizzy or poofy. 

What hairspray do you use? I forget.....wait for it to come back to me.......its on the tip of my tongue.....Herbal Essence!

Baths or Showers? Showers, I take baths when I stressed but then hop in the shower. 

Waxing? My eyebrowsss

Are looks important to you? Less important then the way someone presents them self. If someone looks like they have it all together, clothes, hair, personality, then thats the cool beans. 

Best compliment you've gotten? I've been told I look like Kate Middleton, Ginnifer Goodwin, and my Aunt said I looked like this Italian lady she knew. And my family always says I have nice full lips (that are going to waist, jkjk) and this lady that did my makeup one said I was beautiful. And she's a professional. Also when I lost a lot of weight and first stepped out in a bikini I do have to say I turned some heads ;)(winks at self) 

Do you go shopping with your mom or friends? Both, but I always have to have my mom approve my purchases. 

Dream OOTD: Don't know what this means so........narwal. 

I think thats good.
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