So it's more sophisticated, does it work?
Hey girls,
What's up?
Another great day for me! My back hurts though... I think I'm going to go swimming later on today. I've got so much homework to finish by the end of this week! At least I've done 3 out of 8 of them! Not too much news as usual, you'll all quickly learn that I have a boring life... :( Anyone got something to tell me? Right now I'm watching a bunch of old shows from my childhood. You guys remember Malcolm in the Middle, Spongebob, Fairly Oddparents, oh and the POWERPUFF GIRLS!! So cute! Earlier today my friends and I were talking about our good old days... Oh jeez I sound old! But yeah I miss these shows.. Before they were ruined :/ . Besides that, I had a nice day! It was supposed to rain like crazy, but it is sunny and GORGEOUS! Seems like a great way to end my seemingly nice day huh? :D Hopefully all of you guys are doing well!
So much love and hugs,
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