Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog Toy - Handmade Wooden Toy
  • Passo a passo Vasinho feito com garrafa pet!
    Oi amigas! Aposto que quando você viu esse foto super charmosa nem imaginou que esse vasinho foi feito apenas com garrafa pet e tecido. Ainda não acredita? Então vem conferir! Meninas, prometo que vou falar bem pouquinho, pois o passo a passo de hoje está realmente um arraso e aposto que você não vê a hora…
  • Pin by batpigandme on Frenchie Friends Being Fuzzy | Pinterest
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  • Boston Terrier Dog Watercolor PRINT - 5x7 PRINT, Dog Painting, English Robin, Daredevil
    Title: The Daredevil No.4. Finally! This watercolor of a daredevil robin with his Boston terrier assistant is now available as a 5x7 print. PRINT SIZE: 5x7 (12.5 cm x 17.5 cm) Archival quality. Printed by me in my studio to ensure faithful colours and quality. This illustration is part of an ongoing series featuring a daredevil English robin and his dangerous stunts. This print is also available as an 8x10:
  • Greyhound Dog Watercolor PRINT - Italian Greyhound, Nerd, Nerdy, Dog Illustration, 5x7 Art Print
    Title: Ernest Greyhound. In preparation for a dog festival this summer I painted a wide range of dogs, many of which I'd never painted before. This is the very first Italian greyhound watercolor painting I have ever painted. It won't be my last though, what an awesome looking dog! Nerd glasses and a bow tie always make the dog! This dog illustration was done in watercolor and has been carefully recreated as an open edition print. PAPER SIZE: 5x7. IMAGE SIZE: 4.25 x 4.5. Questions about my prints?
  • Cats And Flowers Plus Pets Dogs, Cats, Puppies, and much more
    Cats are always been cuddly and soft, and beautiful for people, but, recently, we discovered a new and amazing secret about cats - they love flowers!