Name: Eve Sanders
Stereotype: The Control Freak
Age: 20
Bio: {leader, mature, obsessive, neurotic, anal, bossy, responsible, controlling}
Favorite Smell: Cinnamon Apple
Favorite Song: Promises- The Cranberries
Model: {Camilla Belle} -yup i decided to go with her. :)

Top 3: 
-Eve Sanders
-Lux Appleby
-Haylin Black

Bio: Eve is a very... interesting girl. She is very doubtfull and untrusting of eveyone she meets and has a temper like you've never seen before. This all started when she was a girl, about 9 years old. She lives with her mother, Janice, and has a little sister, Hadley. Her father abandoned them when she was about 11 years old and has had a really hard time dealing with that, even though so many years have passed. She is a college student and actually likes school, despite her lack of close friends.


The sun shined brightly across my face. My eyes were closed yet it was as if i could see everything around me. I could feel and hear the slight rustle of autumn leaves moving. The Autumn breeze came and lifted the stray strands of hair off of my shoulders and into the air.

Everyhting was quiet, peacefull.

Just the way i liked it.

My eyes opened and i took a deep breath on the crisp, fresh air. I had my journal beside me, where i would later write everythiung. That was the one thing i kept with me at all times. It was a place for me to vent. To express everything i had inside me. A smile spread across my fave as my fingers ran across its leather top.

There was nothing quite like it.

Then i heard the loud crunching of leaves. My head truned and i saw my dog, Jethro, approaching me. 

"Come here Jethro.... come here boy..." i smiled as i patted his golden fur. She sniffed around me and tried to lick my face.

"Oh Jethro...." i said. Everyhting was fine. Until he bit my art bag and started running towards the house.

"NO!" i yelled as i ran across the green backyard lawn of my home. I followed him running up thee stairs and into my room. I burst through my door and yanjked my bag from him. nThank fully nothing serious had happened to it.

I set my bad on my bed calmly until i sensed something.

Something was not right.

I desperately looked around my room, examinging everything. I had everything in a specific place, i knew exactly where everything was supposed to be. But this time, a strange feeling came upon me. Someone had been in my room. And that was forbidden. No one could come in.


I ran down the flight os stairs in an all consuming fury.

"Hadley!!! HADLEY where are you!!!"

"Eve, whats wrong?" my mom called from the kitchen.

"Where is she!!!" i yelled.

Hadley came prancing into the kitchen, an apple in her mouth. "What?"

"You little!!!!!" i lunged towards her. She backed away and grinned. "WHY THE HELL WERE YOU IN MY ROOM?!!!!"

"I wasnt!!! i swaer!" 

"You little liar!!!! i KNOW you were in there?"

"Eve please..." my mother tried to calm me down.

"NO! she constantly tries to make me miserable!! Mom you KNOW i dont like ANYONE in my room."

"Maybe Jethro went up there or something..."

" Yeah Eve" Hadly crossed her arms. " You're overreacting... again.."

"AGAIN? you guys dont get it do you..."

Hadley rolled her eyes at me.

"You guys never get it!!!" i stomped my way up to my room and slammed my door shut.

No one gets it. Nobody EVER gets it.......


Two comments

Wrote 5 years ago
I love it, but please complete the bio, the adjectives are just to give you an idea :)

Wrote 5 years ago
ooooh love this:P

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