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  • Pendleton Straw Tote
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    Pendleton Straw Tote
    The Pendleton Straw tote is great for carrying a change of clothes for a quick yoga session after work or a towel and sunscreen for an afternoon on the beach.
  • Pendleton Western Crossbody Purse
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    Pendleton Western Crossbody Purse
    The Pendleton Western Crossbody Purse gives you some cowgirl flair to style wherever you roam. Its wool cotton accent feels as good as it looks colorful, and smooth leather keeps the trim and lining super-durable. Pendleton added an adjustable strap and one zippered internal pocket for convenience.
  • Pendleton Ultimate Tote
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    Pendleton Ultimate Tote
    The Ultimate Tote is to Pendleton what the Mona Lisa is to Leonardo Da Vinci. This work of art features Pendleton's soft yet durable wool accent with colorful designs that you can appreciate whether you enjoy soothing native designs or sugar skulls. Cotton canvas keeps the trim and handles strong for many years, and the zippered closure makes sure your essentials don't fall out. Pendleton also added three patch pockets and one zippered pocket to keep you organized.
  • Pendleton Laser Cut Leather Clutch
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    Pendleton Laser Cut Leather Clutch
    Elevate your outfit with the sophisticated style of the Pendleton Laser Cut Leather Clutch. Smooth leather and a Native-inspired motif gives it an elegant, yet versatile look you can take from fancy dinner parties to downtown bars.
  • Pendleton Laser Cut Leather Tote
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    Pendleton Laser Cut Leather Tote
    The Pendleton Laser Cut Leather Tote's smooth leather exterior and brass hardware provide sophisticated style, while a Native American-inspired design with wool underlays keeps it down to Earth enough for everyday excursions.
  • Pendleton Straw Wristlet Purse
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    Pendleton Straw Wristlet Purse
    Keep your giant wads of cash, museum-worthy collections of lip balm, and back-up jewelry safe in the Pendleton Straw Wristlet Purse.
  • Pendleton Leather Tote Bag
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    Pendleton Leather Tote Bag
    Give your schlepping some style with the Pendleton Leather Tote Bag. Wool and cotton come together on the outside for a prettily patterned carry-all for whatever you're ferrying around town. A little bit of leather goes a long way to take this tote from tedious to terrific. The top leather flap folds over and zips shut so this sophisticated bag doesn't run the risk of over-exposure. You'll have room to spare in your Leather Tote if you're only taking your tablet, a few periodicals, and a snack to the library to while away a rainy afternoon.
  • Pendleton Small Bucket Bag
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    Pendleton Small Bucket Bag
    Pendleton's Small Bucket Bag is both earthy and luxurious with its colorful accent and smooth leather trim. Its wool cotton construction is made from Pendleton's finest wool, and the braided leather drawstring closure brings a harmonious connection between style and function.
  • Pendleton Small Essentials Bag
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    Pendleton Small Essentials Bag
    The charmingly compact Pendleton Small Essentials Bag gives you a pretty way to carry only what you need and nothing more. The top flap won't flop about thanks to a magnetic closure disguised by a bold, brass clasp. With a detachable leather strap, this vibrant bag can be worn over your shoulder or carried as a clutch. The petite profile accommodates the essentials while showing the world a chromatic take on ethnically inspired designs.
  • Pendleton Oversized Clutch
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    Pendleton Oversized Clutch
    Fold the Pendleton Oversized Clutch in half and carry it like a clutch, or use the top handle when you need the extra space. Either way, the native-inspired print on the wool blend fabric makes it so that you can't lose.
  • Pendleton Canvas Dopp Purse with Emroidery
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    Pendleton Canvas Dopp Purse with Emroidery
    Rock the Pendleton Canvas Dopp Purse as a shoulder bag, or ditch the strap and use it as a cute clutch for hitting the town.
  • Pendleton Braided Tote Bag
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    Pendleton Braided Tote Bag
    Made out of a soft wool cotton blend with a durable leather trim, the Pendleton Bradied Tote Bag is a beautiful tote for any occasion. Pendleton added a smooth cotton twill lining and a zippered internal pocket to keep your small items together. Braided handles enhance style, comfort, and longevity.
  • Pendleton Hobo Bag
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    Pendleton Hobo Bag
    The Pendleton Hobo Bag is perfectly proportioned to bring work home from the office, tote a tablet or books for in-flight entertainment, or hold essentials for an uptown rendezvous. The short leather strap makes it simple to sling the travel-ready bag over your shoulder so long as you're not wearing the world's puffiest down jacket. The inside pocket wants your cash or phone, but only to hold. The main compartment doesn't complete close, but a square fold-over flap snaps down for a bit of security. Festive and bright to bring on a cheery style, this hobo is welcome anywhere.
  • Pendleton Large Canvas Tote Bag
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    Pendleton Large Canvas Tote Bag
    Let the vivid print on the outside of the Pendleton Large Canvas Tote reflect the chromatic cornucopia of cruciferous veggies you've got stashed inside. Cotton lines this wool-cotton blend bag, in addition to trimming the bottom and serving as straps. Two interior slip pockets save your phone and wallet from wayward veggies or getting lost in the bottom when you're still cruising stalls at the farmer's market. With an 8-in strap drop, you'll probably be able to shoulder this tote since a straight-arm, straight-down carry may have the bottom bussing the earth.
  • Pendleton Journey Tote Bag
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    Pendleton Journey Tote Bag
    Fill the Pendleton Journey Tote Bag with a map, some clothes, and a few snacks before you get in your car and drive off into the sunset. This wool cotton bag feels as good as it looks, and the leather trim keeps everything strong for your upcoming adventures. Pendleton added a smooth nylon lining that protects your essentials, and the zippered closure protects your valuables if you happen to drive to the beach. There are multiple pockets to keep everything organized too.
  • Pendleton Overnight Leather Tote
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    Pendleton Overnight Leather Tote
    Ornately detailed with Pendleton's signature jacquard fabric, the Pendleton Overnight Leather Tote is ideal for stashing everyday items and on-the-go essentials in timeless sophistication. This upscale tote features a woven body made from wool and cotton with a rich leather trim and grab handles for added elegance. One main compartment easily holds all of your must haves, while an interior stash pocket secures cash and keys within easy access.
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