people got a lot to say, but don't know shit bout where i was made

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Wrote two months ago
I love this!!!!! She's a great character omg

Wrote three months ago
@wakeupfarah i don't think it's closed, i just don't know what to do with her - every time i go to write a story, i hate what i write. i regret never giving her a career. it's annoying, it used to be so easy to write for her.

Wrote three months ago
aw daria! has that chapter been closed? i miss your writing for her

Wrote three months ago
@wakeupfarah doing the opposite is always fun :) some of my favourite characters have been like that. i think daria was probably one of them.

Wrote three months ago
haha, i feel like that's the total opposite for me and writing for aerin which i kind of like. pushes me a little.

Wrote three months ago
@wakeupfarah thanks boo. the more i write her, the more i realise i have written myself. oh well.

Wrote three months ago
allison was the perfect choice, love this


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