- Looking for Alaska 
[collab with my candy cane barbara! its continuing from the other part of friday :D james.. please dress like that all the time. UGH. yum]

I was halfway down the hall on the way to my room. After just punching out the yoga instructor's lights I couldn't see straight, I needed some air. Fuck, what'd I do? Apparently I was so jealous that he'd tried anything with Arienette that I slipped into some uncontrollable rage. That was stupid, I should've just sat there and shut my mouth.. and my fist. I'd hit the dude so hard I'm sure he was still on the ground now. Suddenly I felt Arienette's presence next to me, falling into step, "Daniel." 
I shrugged off her reassuring arm on mine, slamming the door shut as we walked into my room. She smirked at me, "Are you jealous baby?" 
My eyes narrowed on Arienette as she leaned against the wall nonchalantly, "I'm not jealous." 
She ran a hand through her hair, biting her lip, "Liar." 
I pressed up against her, my head leaned down to meet her gaze as I snarled, "I'm fucking angry."
Pulling away from her, somehow my fist found the wall - punching a good size hole in it. I hadn't even noticed I'd done it until it was over. I stood staring at the gaping gap in the wall panting; why was I this angry? 
She stared wide eyed at me, quickly reaching to grab my knuckles, softly caressing. Letting out a long heavy sigh, I relaxed feeling Arienette's body so close to mine. It was a comfort I hadn't had in such a long time. The anger and rage inside of me was gone, I never stayed that way for long either. Guess what I'd been told most my life was true anyhow, I wasn't a real man, that I was weak. I couldn't help but by grab Arienette by the wrists, pushing her in closer to me. My arms automatically encircled her waist to embrace her. She fit right into me like a missing piece of a puzzle, the last piece I'd always been missing, her hands resting on my chest.
"I'm sorry about what happened." I breathed into her ear.
"Don't be.. it was kind of hot." she bit down on her lip, looking up at me. God she was beautiful. 
I smiled, trying not to but it was impossible not to, her smile was infectious. And the fact that she was turned on gave me a slight boost of self confidence, until I remembered exactly why we were having this discussion. "I was stupid and I was trying to prove myself." I shook my head, "I mean, he's probably more of your type anyways." 
She pursed her lips raising her brow at me, "Now that's stupid."
"I guess. But sometimes I can't help but think you're way out of my league." I nodded.
Arienette stared up at me, her expression confused. But it was the truth in my mind - I never knew where I stood with her, why couldn't she just tell me how she felt and let me love her like I wanted to so badly? She tightened her grip on my chest, shaking her head, "Not at all Daniel, not at all." 
I pulled back to look down at her, "Arienette..." 
Again, she shook her head, throwing her legs around my waist, "I don't want to talk about this Daniel, that guy meant nothing to me..." 
That relaxed me a bit. She was trying to assuage my fears and that was a good thing, that meant she cared about me. And I wanted her to. Arienette's hands ran into my hair, "Let's focus on something more important, like fucking me."
Suddenly I felt a rush surge of energy, making my blood pump faster and my head swim in circles. Pushing her against the wall I grinned, smirking at her, "You're right. You are important." 
Arienette looked as if she were going to say something, obviously it wasn't what she meant, but it was what I meant. Before she could say a word I pressed a kiss to her lips. She moaned against me, kissing back as she fisted my hair. My hands slid up her taunt stomach, stopping at the hem of her bra. Breaking from the kiss only to pull it over her head, I started again at her neck. Arienette's legs fell to the side, arching her back off the wall while I moved down her neck. 
I cupped her breasts, my mouth finding her soft skin and sucking, tongue teasing her nipple. Her grip becoming harder on me and I continued on to her other breast, hand traveling down her long legs resting at her thighs. The shorts she wore may have been short but they were still covering too much for my liking. Arienette's fingers slid under my shirt, nails scaling my chest before she pulled it off me. Getting down to my knees I sat in front of her as she glared down at me. Yanking her tight shorts off her, I leaned in to kiss her cold thighs which were cold and clammy from the sweat between them from the walking sauna we were in. 
"God you are beautiful." I sighed against her skin, glancing up at her. I ran my fingers across the scars on her stomach, the one part of her that I found the most beautiful about her. She didn't even flinch or move this time when I touched the scars. 
"Stop flattering me." she smirked, rolling her eyes slightly.
"I speak nothing but the truth," I chuckled, taking her leg and putting over my shoulder. I ran my tongue along the inside of inside of her thigh, nipping at her p.ssy then trailing back down her other thigh. She let out a loud moan, grabbing me harder by the hair to encourage me further. 
My hand supporting her the other spreading her legs apart further, kissing her wetness. She was soaking by now, it was turning me on so fucking much. I wanted her so badly. Dipping a finger inside of her I teased her clit, adding another finger as I licked her. She moaned louder and I pumped faster inside her. Hips bucking against me, I held Arienette in place, enjoying the sweet taste of her pleasure. Pumping slower, I leaned in to suck her swollen clit and then puled away, taking my fingers out of her p.ssy. 
"Why'd you stop?" she whimpered, rolling her hips forward to me. 
Setting her legs around my hips I lifted her up as I stood. Arienette's arms wrapping around my neck. I walked just a few feet to the bed, leaning her against it, "One half of me is yours, the other half yours- Mine own, I would say; but if mine, then yours. And so all yours." I smiled, running a hand through her hair. 
She leaned against me, a smile lingering on her face, "Hmm, Shakespeare?" 
My fingers skimmed down her body as she lay flat in front of me. Swallowing hard, I didn't know where to start. She was so beautiful and imperfectly perfect that I wanted to absorb all of her. And I attempted to do so; feeling her soft skin beneath me touching every inch of her I could. I smirked against her hips and I kissed her scars, tongue flickering out to tease her belly button while I answered her, "Yes." 
She gently gripped my hair, hips rising to meet my kisses, I felt myself encouraged with her breath hitching every time my tongue flickered out to taunt her, "Classy."
I smirked against her skin, inhaling sharply through my nose. I could feel her body shivering underneath mine, her breathing labored with every move I made.
 Leaning over her I made my way back up her body, my lips grazing her stomach, the deep valley of her breasts, her collarbone, and finally her neck which I nipped at before giving her a kiss on the mouth. Arienette's grip on my hair pulling me down to immerse herself in the kiss. Her other hand running down my chest and stopping at the hem of my boxers. 
"You're having too much fun teasing me." she bit down on her lip.
Shaking my head I skimmed the bottom of her lip with my thumb, reaching out to cup her jaw, "I can't help myself you know." 
An evil grin spread onto her plush lips, her hand brushing against my erection, gripping it and causing me to shake, it was amazing how she could have such an effect on me. She let go of me, reaching up to grab my hair, pulling tight and forcing our lips to crash into one and other's. 
The kiss turned passionate, almost savage, animalistic in instinct. Our teeth scraped against each other, tongues twisting together, lips sucking as if we couldn't get enough of each other's taste. I flipped us around so Arienette was straddling me, her hair creating a certain curtain around us she rode me. She groaned at the friction my boxers created against the inside of her thighs, biting her lip her hand racing down to grip the hem of my boxers.
I groaned again, wanting to end this torture and just f.ck her. Now I needed her so badly; I needed to feel her in every way possible. Arienette slowly pushed down my boxers leaving nothing left between the two of us. I swallowed hard as I gazed at her, that same wicked grin was still there and her eyes almost burning with lust. She grasped me between the legs, stroking my erection gently making me moan out again. 
Arienette seemed to be enjoying this, her thumb slowly rubbing against the head and her fingers running over my shaft. God, I felt like I could come at any minute. Of course I never wanted to unless I was inside of her. She bent over, leaning down to press a kiss to my d.ck. I licked my lips, closing my eyes as I gripped the back of her head - wanting more.
She licked up my pulsing shaft, my lips just barely sucking on my head before pulling back. Licking the precum on the corner of her mouth with a flick of her tongue, she kept her eyes on me as she crawled back up my body. Her nipples brushed against my erect d.ick, causing my breath to hitch in the back of my throat. 
It took all I had not to f.ck Arienette now. She sat on my chest as she reached over my head, grabbing a condom off the drawer. Her breasts hung right above me; she was so f.cking tempting. Her fingers grasped the plastic as my tongue teased her nipples, one and the other. She straightened up, slipping a wink to me before turning around and placing the condom between her lips. She let out a low moan as I pulled her closer to me by her ass. Her body facing the opposite of me she arched forward, legs finding their way around my neck, her dripping wet p.ssy not even inches from my face. Condom between her lips, she slowly came forward and rolled it over my d.ck, her fingers pulling the condom over where she could no longer fit in her mouth. I stared up at the ceiling, my chest pounding as I felt Arienette moving against me when she finished. For a second I was paralyzed, unable to move. 
Then I felt a rush encouraging me to slid my hands between her legs messaging her thighs. I grunted and managed to pull apart her thighs. She gasped, coming away from my d.ck to rise herself up. Running my tongue over her wet slit, I wasted no time. A moment she stopped while my tongue teased her clit, rubbing her p.ssy with my thumb as I increased my pace. Slipping two fingers inside of her I started to f.ck her. 
Arienette sat up, grinding against my fingers her hands pressed against my chest. Her walls tightening on my fingers as I pumped inside her, she was getting close. Loud moans coming from her tuning into shouts. I loved the way she screamed my name, it only made me harder. Finally I felt her come on my fingers, her nails digging into my skin as she let out a long gasp. I sucked her lips, licking her juices from her as she moaned.
"Are you ever gonna let me f.ck you?" she sighed.
I grabbed her by the hips, lifting her off of me setting her to the side. Sitting up on my side I grinned at her, "You're not enjoying this?" 
Arienette pouted, crawling back into my arms, then my lap, facing me as she wrapped her arms around my neck; leaning in a giving me a drawn out kiss, "I'm enjoying being with you." 
I felt like I was on fire now, my chest pounding wit her every word. It almost made me forget where we were. All I wanted to do was lie here for days with her, just absorbing Arienette as much as I could. I stroked her back as she slowly lowered herself onto my hard d.ick, a low throaty moan coming from her lips as my his head brush against her clit before it entered her p.ssy. God she felt amazing. Gripping onto my neck, she kissed me again as my hands held onto her hips.
I felt her tight p.ssy around me as she moved on top of me, a low moan coming from her parted lips. We fell into the familiar pattern of thrusting and pushing into each other. My hands traveling up her stomach, brushing against her skin reaching up to cup her breasts. She moaned louder as I fondled her, her pace increasing as she rode me faster. I swallowed, watching her as her hair fell over shoulder her eyes closing shut in pleasure looking completely perfect. Gripping her harder I pushed her to the other side of the bed and climbed on top of her. Immediately I was missing the feeling of being inside her. Opening her eyes she looked up at me with lust and I knew she felt the same. Before she could do anything I entered her with much need. Slamming back into her she cried out, her hands finding my hair to grasp. 
"Harder.. more Daniel, please." she breathed, panting with exhaustion as we moved back, arching off the bed.
She didn't have to tell me twice. Leaning down to kiss her I slithered my tongue into her mouth, tasting her and swallowing her moans as she kissed back. 
I felt her become impossibly tighter on me, her throbbing clit about to give out any moment. Arienette's nails sliding down my back and gripping onto my back. With every thrust she met with perfect practice, god she felt so good. 
Pulling out of her slowly I left only my head inside her, teasing her p.ssy. Then I forced myself inside her one last time, feeling her come as she broke from our kiss to let out a cry of pleasure. The sensation of her was enough to make me come. I groaned, loving every moment of it and pumped slowly inside of her not wanting to leave her body as I never did. Soft moans still came from her as we finished. 
Her body shivering against mine, I was still elated from the rush I had with her. Still inside me, my hips slowly came to a stop as I laid my forehead against Arienette's, staring into her eyes. She stroked my cheek softly, giving me a trail of brief kisses; but it wasn't enough. I couldn't help but deepen each one she gave me, coming back for more. Never before had just kissing a girl been so satisfying. I doubted I would ever have enough of her. She let out a sigh, "Daniel.." 
I grunted as she squirmed, loving how tight she still was around me. my fingers creating small circles on her skin, "What?" 
She parted her lips to speak, not saying anything for a few moments. That frightened me because I didn't want to give her a chance to think second thoughts about me. Instead I leaned in and gave her a kiss, our lips latching onto each other, before pulling back, "What's on your mind?"
Arienette bit down on her lip fervently as she glanced up at me; seeming to be debating something in her head. What was it? My mind raced with thoughts that I had upset her somehow. One of the main problems I'd had with being with Arienette, no matter how comfortable I felt with her I always wanted to give her more. It was moments like these that made me feel that way. I'd never feel any relief from that until I knew she wanted me for good. 
"Nothing." she shook her head, sighing.
I slowly pulled out of her, a groan coming from Arienette when I did. But I still held onto her, inquiring again, "Something's wrong, what is it? Did I say something? Was it not good for you?" 
She rested her hand against my chest with a smile, "It was amazing as always; I'm just tired, nothing you did or said.. okay?" 
"Alright then," I nodded, still gazing into her eyes uncertainly but I decided to let it go. Arienette wasn't very good at expressing emotions - if she had something to say, she'd say it in good time. "We should uh, take a shower before my shrink comes in here. I know she'll want to bother me after what happened today." I laughed, sitting up on the bed. As much as I hated to admit it, we were still in a rehab facility and kept under watch. 
"Are you going to clean me off?" Arienette smirked sitting up behind me leaning forward and whispering into my ear.
"You're not going to be clean if I do that." I chuckled, glancing over my shoulder at her knowing I couldn't control myself any time she offered herself to me. 
"Then we'll just have to try again." she shrugged, scooting to the other side of the bed and standing up as she started for the bathroom door. I glared at her watching Arienette's ass sway back and forth. 
"Good point.." I smiled, snapping out of my daze I got up to follow her like always.
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