GIF of the day: cl doing the instyle interview haha she's pretty af <33

yo i'm just saying, the shoes in this set are gorgeous wow o_o

hello guys, look i'm alive and back after school registration. yesterday was so busy for me. 

i woke up @ about seven yesterday morning because of stress and i can't fall asleep after i wake up. i spent nearly two hours trying to make myself look presentable for school. 

i got to school a solid 45 minutes before my block started. the transit website said if i left at the time i did, i would be able to get to school by 10:45, which is still a little early (15 minutes) but i had to chill at the starbucks which was a little awkward because that's where everyone reunited and i was alone (though i was waiting for my friends too). 

registration was pretty smooth, even though the lines for locker signup and photos were long and slow af o_o i saw this girl with exo buttons on her backpack too haha. my photos turned out okay i suppose, better than i thought they were gonna be. i mean, the last time that i had an okay school photo was in grade three, and that seems like forever ago, considering i'm in high school. 

i think we were in school an hour longer than we should've been because one of my friend's friend (she's in my friend group, but we're not close at all) had to go through so many problems due to locker signup. i'm not too surprised, because at our old school, she caused about 85% of the drama, and was involved in 95% of the drama. 

and yes, i got lost once. leave me alone.

i got home at about 2:30 before i left again to go to a friends' house for a 'reunion party' before high school. it was quite fun tbh and it upsets me that the squad, we're going to different schools /cries

yeah, that was my day. hectic but fun :))))

Have a lovely Saturday to everyone today~ :)))

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