Perfect Beauty, Shop-a-holic, Rich Queen

Name: Alison (Alice) Katie Beaumont
Age: (15-19) 17
Looks: (prefer celeb look a like) Sasha Pieterse
Secret: She's not the perfect angel, you know. Alice lost her virginity at age 14. She slept with a lot of boys and drinks. She used to make herself throw up her food and had a food disorder.
Original School: (Crimson or St. Willards) Crimson
Quick Bio*: Alice was born in Paris, France to wealthy parents. She was the perfect angel that everyone loved and adored. Her parents never said no to her. But, she isn't spoiled. She's not exactly nice, but once, you get to know her, she can be funny and nice to you. She;s sarcastic sometimes.
Other*: She has a little sister.

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