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  • Kohler k-3519 Highline Pressure Lite elongated 1.1 gpf toilet with
    Highline™ Pressure Lite™ elongated 1.1 gpf toilet with left-hand trip lever, less seat Highline Pressure Lite 1.1 gpf toilets are perfect for those customers aggressively seeking the benefits of water conservation, this new toilet qualifies for water rebate programs and contributes to LEED credits. An optimized 1.1-gallon flush setting reduces water consumption by more than 30% over 1.6-gallon toilets, offering a water savings of more than 5,000 gallons of water per toilet, per year. 30-1/8" x 21-1/4" x 31-1/4" Pressure Assist flushing system Two-piece toilet Elongated bowl Includes trip lever, less seat and supply Kohler recommends K-4650 or K-4664 toilet seats
  • STOUT Insect Repellent Trash Bag (Set of 90)
    Stout - Waste Containers & Accessories - STOP3340K20 - Insect-repellent trash bags are made from a blend of recycled linear low-density polyethylene plastic, low-density polyethylene plastic and all-natural Pest Guard insect-repellent additive. Trash bags offer an effective means of ridding yourself from unwelcome garbage pests. General Information Manufacturer: STOUT industrial and commercial grade Products Manufacturer Part Number: P3340K20 Manufacturer Website Address: Product Name: Insect Repellent Trash Bag Packaged Quantity: 90 / Box Product Information Volume Capacity: 30 gal Bag Length: 40"" Bag Width: 33"" Bag Thickness: 2 mil (51 Micron) Physical Characteristics Color: Black Material: Polyethylene Miscellaneous Green Compliant: Yes
  • Aquaovo Alter Ego Water Bottle/Filtration System
    The Alter Ego is a personal water filtration and hydration duo designed to accommodate the urban traveler and the outdoor enthusiast on a day expedition, as well as the humanitarian worker and the globetrotter in a developing country for whom access to clean water is a matter of survival. The Alter Ego duo is your perfect hydration companion. Buy yours now and help ONE DROP provide sustainable water access to your alter egos worldwide. For every Alter Ego duo sold, AQUAOVO donates part of the proceeds to ONE DROP, an international non-profit organization dedicated to developing sustainable water access programs worldwide. ONE Globetrotter Filter will remove 99.9999% of contaminants and lasts for 75 gallons of filter water (approximately). The Outdoor Filter will remove 99.99% of contaminants and lasts for 200 gallons (approximately). Filter will clog at the end of its life and can be replaced. Certified: ​Multi-Patent Filtration Technology. EPA/ANSI Protocols. Exceeds NSF Standards 42 and 53. Filters Flouride. Keeps Beneficial Minerals. Instant Filtration. Filters river, lake and tap water. Filters viruses and bacteria. How To Choose the Right Filter for your Needs: The Alter Ego Outdoor comes with the Outdoor water filter cartridge (99.99%) and is ideal to fulfill all of your urban and backcountry needs in the Northern hemisphere where viruses and water-born pathogens are not a problem. It removes up to 99.99% (Outdoor filter) of water contaminants including Giardia and Cryptosporidium but is ineffective against viruses and bacterias. The Alter Ego Globetrotter comes standard with the Globetrotter water filter cartridge (99.9999%) that will keep you safe when your journey brings you in remote places and countries of the southern hemisphere where the water can become a deadly poison. It removes up to 99.9999% of water contaminants including viruses and bacterias.
  • 19th Century Fireplace Broom
    Wonderful hard to find 19th century fireplace broom. Hardwood handle and bristles of the broom are made from small limbs of trees and tied with twine. Constructed like the 18th century brooms. This is a great conversation piece. Commonly seen displayed in country kitchens and beside keeping room fireplaces. Very well taken care of and in excellent condition. Antique quality will show wear commensurate with age.
  • Brush - 2“ new
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    Whether you're painting on wood, fabric or walls, we have the right paint tools in store to fulfill your needs in addition to our specialty paint.
  • Leather Zenith Navigator Radio
    Portable radio made by the Zenith Radio Corporation in the camel leather Navigator model. Designed for navigation in the late 1950’s, old ad’s show aviators and yachtsmen using the radio. Not tested for functionality. Covered in thick camel colored leather. Includes instruction packet.
  • TableCraft Coca-Cola Straw Dispenser, Silver
    Find Kitchen Storage Racks, Holders and Dispensers at! Dress your table up just like the ones in a classic diner with this TableCraft Coca-Cola Straw Dispenser. With its chrome top, clear middle and Coca-Cola logo it will keep straws handy for you and your guests while it adds a charming accent to any eating area. Keeps straws clean and nearby for use whenever someone wants one. Wipe clean. Color: Silver.
  • Large Wool Dryer Balls Carnival 7 Color Pack Satisfaction Guaranteed Natural Laundry Softener Gentl
    Bright and cheerful carnival color 7 pack of wool dryer balls in 3.5 inch diameter large (baseball sized and quiet) trusted since 2007 are our original 100 wool dryer balls natural laundry softener lasts for years, save money in this listing you get a rainbow of 7 of our cheerful wool dryer balls, one of each color (hot pink, marigold, eco green, sky blue, regal purple, sunshine yellow and white) these are sure to bring a smile on your face, or a friend's because these make super unique gifts to give! We have been trusted since 2007 and are the first ever producers to provide you with the best size and made wool dryer balls for your dryer! Never buy another fabric softener, cut down nasty static cling and get done with the chores of laundry drying faster so you can have more time to do the things you enjoy! These wool dryer balls save you money, energy and time by cutting the dryer's drying time and by you not having to use softeners. The balls circulate and separate the clothing and get the warm dry air right down to the core of the laundry load! The more you have the faster the drying time, softer softness and money saved. They speed up the drying time and soften up by gentle friction of the felted wool fibers against your clothing fibers. These are not made like others out there that will unravel after a month's use!! Ours last 1'500 loads last well over a year in your dryer! High quality best priced longest lasting excellent customer service (ask us your questions!) 100 satisfaction guarantee! Please see our store for more bright cheerful colors and scents including scent refill essential oils undyed unscented natural white and natural gray wool dryer balls also available in our store! These dryer balls do a number of wonderful things: 1. Shep's wool dryer balls are an eco-friendly alternative to the conventional dryer sheet and liquid fabric softener. 2. Shep's does more than a dryer sheet by allowing hot air to circulate into your clothes so you don't have to run your dryer as long, saving you time and money. 3. These reduce static just like dryer sheets do when you dampen a ball or two prior to drying a heavy static load. 4. They soften your clothes like fabric softener with gentle separating and fluffing friction action. Fabric softener has harsh chemicals that make your clothes soft and also increase the flammability of your clothes putting you at risk of a dryer fire . Heating elements also build up and burn out because of fabric softeners. 5. They're wonderful cat and dog toys when they are not in use by the dryer. 6. They're made of 100 wool (no filler). Fun for babies and toddlers to learn about colors and as a counting tool, they gravitate to the texture and round shape! 7. They're absolutely wonderful for cloth diapers! They keep them soft and clean without the harmful chemicals in conventional dryer sheets. Plus fabric softeners destroy the moisture absorbing ability of the cloth diaper. You want your cloth diapers staying as thirsty as the day you bought them! Frequently asked questions! Q what are some of the chemicals in dryer sheets and fabric softeners a conventional dryer sheets contain some chemicals such as: a-terpineol associated with central nervous system disorders benzyl acetate a carcinogen linked to pancreatic cancer benzyl alcohol an upper respiratory tract irritant camphor it's listed on the epa's hazardous waste list ethyl acetate another culprit on the epa's hazardous waste list and an irritant to the eyes and respiratory tract considering your skin is the largest organ in your body through which your body absorbs everything that you put on it (including lotions, makeup and perfume) you're going to want to stay away from as many chemicals as possible! Q how long will shep's dryer balls last a our dryer balls are uniquely made to last over 5 years! The average household spends over 275 on dryer sheets and fabric softeners every year for their laundry q how long will your scents last if i choose to have them scented how can i re-scent them do you sell your scents a we offer several scents
  • Tocca Florence Laundry Delicate
    TOCCA’s re-launch of its signature Laundry Delicate in top selling scents, now with a fresh new look. The gentle wash for fine fabrics is ideal for lingerie, silks, cashmeres, and bed linens. Easy to use for hand-washing, regular, and high-efficiency machines. A Parisian beauty and sophisticate, Florence conjures memories of old-world Paris with notes of bergamot and gardenia. 237ml / 8oz

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