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  • Fatboy - Picnic Lounge
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    Enjoy the great outdoors!! This oversized picnic rug offers enough space for your entire family as well as all of your friends! No matter if you go to the beach, the park or just your backyard; the Picnic Lounge will make sure you have all the comfort you need, in a very stylish way. Use the 4 included Fatboy pins to secure the rug to the ground, and the hole in the middle to set up your umbrella. The characteristic Fatboy logo turns out to be a convenient pocket that provides space for your phone and keys, so you’ll have everything you need within reach. After using the Picnic Lounge simply sweep off the sand with the special brush, roll up the carpet and throw it over your shoulder by using the ingeniously designed strap. Although the rug is a whopping 2.10 x 2.80 meters, it is super-easy to carry around. The specially designed Persian pattern is unique in its own way; it seems traditional, but you will discover many exciting and fun elements in the typical Fatboy drawings. There really is no better way to enjoy the great outdoors and get everyone together. Go play, go party, go picnic!
  • TV-Möbel
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    TV-Möbel? TV-Möbel bequem online auf Rechnung kaufen.
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    IKEA - GURLI, Kissenbezug, Durch den Reißverschluss lässt sich der Bezug leicht abnehmen.
  • Samantha J Lowe Votives Box Set
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    Gift a little glow with this box set of 3 votives complete with tea light in each. Using a decoupage application of antique artwork, each votive casts a soft amber glow when lit. Available in 4 box sets with different motifs: Creatures, Air and Land, Fauna and All Things Now.
  • IKEA BRANÄS Basket, rattan
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    Width: 12 ½ " Depth: 13 ¾ " Height: 12 ½ " Width: 32 cm. Depth: 35 cm. Height: 32 cm. Perfect for newspapers, photos or other memorabilia. Easy to pull out and lift as the basket has handles. Each basket is woven by hand and is therefore unique. Slight color variations are a natural part of rattan and enhance the individual look of your basket. IKEA of Sweden 100% renewable material. (Fixtures excluded) The material in this product MAY BE recyclable. Please check the recycling rules in your community and if recycling facilities exist in your area. Dimensioned to fit EXPEDIT shelving unit. Protective pads underneath. Wipe clean with a dry cloth. Main parts: Rattan, Clear acrylic lacquer. Frame: Solid pine, Solid acacia wood. Hinges: Polypropylene. Staple/ Screw: Steel, Galvanized. Felt pads: 100 % polypropylene.
  • Thos. Baker San Francisco/Bay Area (25w 31h)
    Laser cut and hand colored in Baltic birchwood, this dramatic San Francisco/Bay Area laser cut marine chart (25w 31h) by Thos. Baker is reproduced from an actual hydrographic survey. Fully framed in solid wood protected by a durable, ultra-transparent sheet of plexiglass. Fasteners not included.
  • Magno - Wooden Radio Ikono++
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    The Wooden Radio Ikono++ is the further development of the Wooden Radio by Magno. Harmonic sound, integrated, rechargeable batteries, automatic senders search, Aux-In and Aux-Out connections are enough explanation. Unique things need time. The Wooden Radio Ikono++ by Magno is such a product. 16 hours pass starting with the first cut until the careful development of the radio in silk-paper. A handmade radio which is unique in the world emerges in more than 20 working steps. Singgih Susilo Kartono is the designer and manufacturer of the Wooden Radio. During his product-design career in Bandung/ Indonesia, he developed the design basics and realized his ideas with new working and producing methods. He works with 30 young wood craftsmen in his hometown Temanggung today, in an isolated region of Middle-Java. His work ensures the incomes of many families and gives a professional perspective and fair social conditions to the young employees. Beside the workshop’s terrain, an own tree nursery was also build, which supplies the whole town with young plants. The long-term oriented ecologic sensitization of the local folks is important to Singgih Kartono. Rosewood and Pine wood are the materials used for the production of the Wooden Radio Ikono++, exclusively from plantations. Journalists of many countries have informed about this special example for “Eco-Design”. Only a small amount of Ikono++ Radios emerges every month. They are also demanded in the USA, Japan and Europe by enthusiasts of the unique connection of modern design and sophisticated handicraft. More details: Improved sound compared to the Wooden Radio. Integrated rechargeable batteries. Automatic senders search. Aux-In. Aux-Out.
  • Georg Jensen - Alfredo Horn Spoon
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    To be individual becomes more and more difficult. The big spoons by Georg Jensen gring a hint of traditional luxury back to the modern world. Alfredo Häberli designed the horn made egg spoons for the Danish manufacturer Georg Jensen. The designer achieved in connecting tradition with innovation in his typical style: The classic grained material reminds us of past times, while the quiet and clear shape also suits into contemporaneous times perfectly. Moreover horn, nacre or bones are considered the best materials for breakfast cutlery, since metal or silver spoons often influence the taste of the meals. Every horn spoon is a unique piece because of the processing out of natural materials, since not one grain is like another. This is how the unusual cutlery pieces by Georg Jensen are a way of proving individuality on a really unusual way.
  • Jan Kurtz Möbelvertrieb GmbH Jan Kurtz - Lantern Flores
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    The Flores Lantern from Jan Kurtz is made out of old rice vessels. Each lantern is therefore a unicum and absolutely singular regarding its colour and shape. The German manufacturer Jan Kurtz imports the ancient eating bowls out of Southeast Asia and fills them with wax and a special wick. The rustic look from Flores is problem-free integrated in modern or natural furnishings in the garden, on the terrace or the balcony. The soft light is in perfect harmony with the warm wood and spreads a comfortable atmosphere. Through the special wick, the Flores’ flame also resists wind blows. The wick from Flores is especially thick. That makes the lantern ideally suitable for outdoor areas. To extinguish the flame one should use a candle extinguisher. If the flame is expired, put the wick back into the wax to keep it protected. The Flores lantern has a burning time of about 60 hours. Each Flores lantern consists of hardwood like teak wood. Teak wood is ideally suitable for the usage outside. Because the high content of natural oils makes the wood especially weatherproof. With the silver grey patina that develops along the time, the wood forms an own protection. With the hardwood, the special wax and the thick wick, Flores from Jan Kurtz has been designed especially for outside areas. You should not at all use it inside.
  • Atlantic Versa Espresso 18-Compartment Wall Storage Unit
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    18 compartments let you display an endless variety of items in this espresso storage unit. Versa Espresso 18-Compartment Wall Storage Unit.
  • Authentics - Urban Garden Plant Bags
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    The innovative Plant Bag by Authentics is casually-naturally and technologically-functional. Planted with green plants, flowers or herbs, it can stand without a mat on the floor, tables or windowsills. The plant bags are part of the innovative Urban Garden-Series, which has been designed be the designer Patrick Nadeau for Authentics. Dissatisfied with the existing alternatives of "room-greening“, the multiple awarded French designer and architect designed this totally new, textile planting system. It combines advantages of hydroculture with the ones of usual soil planting. The plant bags are made of a robust, textile outside skin and a waterproof inside bag with integrated drainagevlies. The inside bag is filled with argil granules. The fleece chamber carries the plant including soil. The planted inside bag will be put into the textile casing. Through that Urban Garden can be used for all indoor-plants like kitchen herbs, flowers and room plants - also the ones, which already stood in usual soil. The main advantage of this kind of the long time watering: The fostering of the plants is more comfortable and cleaner. The argil granules save water, while the drainagevlies avoids stagnant moisture. A water gauge is including in the delivery package of every plant bag. Urban Garden doesn't need trivets nor cachepots and through the welded in- and outside, the water can't drain. The plant bags by Authentics are also available in the sizes L, with a capacity of 45l, and XL, with a capacity of 200l.
  • Playsam - Volvo PV 544 key fob
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    The cult Volvo key fob does homage the Volvo PV 544 and is manufactured by Playsam. The design of the Volvo PV 544 is strongly influenced by the Swedish design, where elegance, function and purity are important elements. In the year 1958 is when the Volvo PV 544 was constructed and became the follower of the legendary first “hump Volvo” P44. The creative key fob presents itself with more style relaying on the typical Volvo characteristics. The heritage of the Volvo PV 544 and modern creativity are reflected on this beautiful key fob.
  • Universal Lighting and Decor Ashton Rustic Java Nightstand
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    Stow your bedside essentials in this rustic two-drawer nightstand boasting a beautifully antiqued java finish.
  • Cyan Design Up-Cat Iron 8" High Sculpture
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    Up-Cat Iron Sculpture.
  • Howard Miller Wine Barrel 25" Wide Wall Clock
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    In an Oak Yorkshire finish, this wine barrel style wall clock is crafted from select hardwoods and veneers and features Ty Pennington's signature, applied aged roman numerals and hands, a metal inner ring, and rounded hour markers. By Howard Miller.
  • Maggie Five Drawer Wooden Jewellery Box
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    A jewellery box, hand crafted from Mango wood, exuding charisma and personality. The misaligned drawers and selection of paint colours give it truly eclectic appeal (and to be fair, it has practical appeal too, for organising your jewellery and keeping it that way). And so you know, we only use Mango wood from sustainable source. Please Note: As each piece is individually hand made there may be slight variations and minor flaws. These are not considered faults, but the character of the piece.
  • Mountain Lily Cushion
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    Cotton cushion with a digital print of a gorgeous, watercolour, mountain and bird scene with contrasting images of pretty, pink water lillies on the lake. 100% Cotton. Machine washable at 30 degrees. Concealed zip at side. Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm. Pillow: 50% Cotton. 50% Polyester. 100% Duck feather. Do not wash. Do not dry clean.
  • Houseplants Even You Can't Kill
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    So, you’ve got the dreaded black thumb…. You are not alone. I am here to help. Plants are easily my favorite type of home décor. I am, therefore, the proud caretaker of a few more houseplants than is normal for one person, check out some of my beautiful babies pictured above. There is no denying the positive aesthetic impact a houseplant has on a room, and that’s not to mention the many health benefits of keeping an indoor garden. Plants produce oxygen and detoxify the air in our homes, providing a very literal breath of fresh air, and studies show that the presence of houseplants improves overall well being, and can even bolster mental health. (Who couldn't use a little of that?) Over the years, I have experimented with all sorts of houseplants with both success and failure. Keeping pretty, green things alive, I will admit, can sometimes be a challenge. There is a different recipe for every individual plant’s care, including soil, water, light, and temperature requirements. With some plants, the lack of perfect conditions can lead to imminent death, and killing a plant just really hurts my feelings. Rather than boring you with an in-depth discussion of horticulture, I have put together a list of five plants that even the blackest of thumbs can keep alive. Cue creation of indoor jungle. One >> Aloe Vera A classic houseplant known for its hardy nature and medicinal properties. Plant your Aloe Vera in a fast draining soil, and place in bright window. This plant is extremely drought tolerant. Allow soil to dry out completely before watering, then water deeply, and repeat. Aloe is not at all frost tolerant, so bring indoors before the first frost. *** See note. Two >> Mother-in-Laws Tongue or Snake Plant For those of you who sometimes forget to water your plants for say, months at a time, this is the plant for you. Snake plant thrives on neglect. This hardy plant prefers bright light, not direct sun. Allow the soil to dry completely between waterings, and then water deeply so water flows through the pot. Drain excess water. Never allow roots to have “wet feet.” Three >> ZZ Plant The ZZ Plant is a fan favorite, due to both its versatility and appearance. This plant blends well into any home décor, and can survive in any number of conditions. ZZ’s can accommodate a wide spectrum of light conditions; just try to avoid harsh sunlight. Allow soil to dry completely between waterings. The best way to kill your ZZ plant? Overwatering. *** See note. Four >> Blue Agave Blue Agave is the perfect sculptural focal piece for any interior. While this plant is most commonly seen in arid outdoor landscapes, with a little attention to sunlight and water it can be a perfect houseplant. I say attention, but really all this beauty needs is a sunny window and to be left alone. In the winter months, this plant requires almost no water (once every couple weeks should be more than enough). Instead, you drink the water. It will keep you healthy, and then you may live long enough to witness this plants one bloom cycle. Five >> Air Plants Air plants are epiphytes, meaning they grow attached to other plants, not in the soil. They collect their nutrients from the air around them. This characteristic allows them to live just about anywhere, so get creative. The watering process for this plant is a little different. Submerge the entire plant in water for about 2-3 hours every two weeks. If the air is dry in your home, provide an occasional misting to create some humidity for the plant. I love to mix plant textures and colors to instantly liven up a room. Play around with different containers and arrangements; this is supposed to be fun. The room below is a great example of plants being a serious addition to a house, check out the rest of this neat apartment on Design*Sponge. My two biggest pieces of advice: * Start small. Buy one plant. When you’ve learned to keep it happy, you can add to your collection. * DO NOT OVERWATER. This is the number one way to kill your plants. Trust me on this one; they are more resilient than you think. Your plants will let yo
  • Sweet Freesia Soap
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    Triple Milled Sweet Freesia Soap by Aromas Artisanales de Antigua is one of a new range of high quality soaps made in and inspired by the lush cultural and natural environment of Guatemala. The vintage inspired packaging was locally designed.
  • Pretty Pastel Tea Bag Tidy
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    Sweet, little, pastel ceramic tea bag tidy in pretty, pastel colour designed to match our pastel, tea set range. Designed in-house exclusively for Oliver Bonas. Ceramic. Hand dipped. Dishwasher safe. Microwave resistant. Diameter: 7cm. Width including handle and spout: 12cm. Please note: these teabag tidies are hand dipped for a more organic, natural look; as a result the finish may not be entirely even or smooth.
  • Gingerbread Man and House Candles
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    Perfect for the up coming Christmas season. Both Nordic style candle sets come with white frosting detail and look good enough to eat! Broste Copenhagen have been producing top quality candles for over 50 years. Made with the purest raw materials, all their candles comply with the highest quality and safety standards and burn superbly, maintaining their shape with minimal dripping or smoking. Packaging dimensions: 15.5cm x 8.5cm. Burning Time: 2 Hours. Colour: Brown. They're both gorgeous but they come as an assortment so we will pick whichever is available at the time of your order.

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