I will try this...

Everything I like and I would try.
Thank you for this amazing tips!
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Wrote 8 months ago
oh, no!! I than YOU !! @maria-fasion-love

Wrote 8 months ago
Great collection thanks for including my set in it !!!! :D

Wrote 8 months ago
awwww u r such a darling! thx so much for yr understanding & graciousness @g-iulias - it's an honour for u to save them for yrself & if u ever have any makeup ques plz feel free to ask anything anytime. thx again lovely & hava gr8 weekend xox

Wrote 8 months ago
don`t mind at all!! don`t worry, this collection is only for me...I created this collection only for my own information, because you gave me such great ideas and I don`t want to loose them... :-))
as for the posting, I assure you that I don`t have any other social or media site ( I am only a mother that wants to use her free time!!)
if you have some question about this please come at any time and delete your entry, I assure you it will be no problem!
thank you my dear @shazgoldcoast
have a wonderful weekend!

Wrote 8 months ago
thx for adding my set to yr collection @g-iulias however plz note: i do not want my sets posted on any other internet site including social media sites or blogs without prior consent. thx for yr understanding - i've had too many bad experiences when it comes to use of my sets so plz don't be offended at my request {i'm not mean girl lol}


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