" Male Idols with the Best Sense of Style "
The Perfect Onscreen Boyfriend”: JYJ's Park Yoochun
With intense eyes and a small face, smooth skin and broad shoulders, Yoochun can only be described by unrealistic terms for his attractive appearance, known for causing the pulses of women to quicken. The star is known for being able to wear whatever he desires—cardigans, UGG boots, and other clothing men typically avoid—while still appearing stylish and manly. Even in the recently published photos from the MBC drama “Ripley,” Yoochun showed off his perfectly straight shoulders while sporting a suit. This led to numerous praises from female fans like, “What unrealistic perfection,” and “He is the perfect onscreen boyfriend.”
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From the Article Male Idols with Best Sense of Style: G-Dragon,Yoochun,Jaejoong,Hyunjoong & Key 
also thank you for (from Bigbang fan website)http://ygunited.com/2011/04/18/male-idols-with-the-best-sense-of-style/
OMG!!! when i read this article ,seriously i want to made set feature with all of them and yesterday i'm already made Key(SHINEE) set and today why i'm not made Micky set that 3 of them is my ultimate crush (Micky Yoochun,Hero Jaejoong,G-Dragon) three of them is really fashionista (i'll made JJ,GD soon) oh my, i'm agree with this article all the ways.

Micky for "The perfect onscreen boyfriend" I never think like that about definition refer to Micky just i think Micky is a type of chill out ,freedom& cool guy sometime very romantic a type of a guy blood type O -->oh may be it so called the perfect onscreen boyfriend i don't know why i think like that I mean he is perfect BF for real --> Ya,i know i'm weird(someone dont laught about this) and i try to made cool set feature with Micky just all of thing i select based on my fav item and really want to wear i always made set with girly stuff but this time i want to made sth i want to wear. also i think it related to this definition.
when i thinking to this article such a perfect capture all of them that why i agree with this and really i can't find micky's pic express with fashionista outfits and really i love all pics in this i spent alot of time to find his pic haha and seem like i'm crazy here. also I know on polyvore and for alot of fansite/google search/youtube/fanvid ete. upload about micky ex-girlfriend(especially famous star) and alot of his scandal i still don't care and i read alot of comments especially negative words so sad to them and for my feeling (just sometime),this time is present day and they're keep going on by own way so that i mean i still love micky is real micky just not for image of perfect onscreen Hm... i used to love this set so much = always my boy.
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