@italianvintage here(:
this was requested c; 

O1. Make sure your camera is working correctly, & if not, search through some electronic magazines for sales. Because cameras can be EXPENSiVE. 

O2. Decide, why are you taking the picture? For FaceBook, just because you want to, etc. 

O3. Once you choose, if you're going to be 'broadcasting' this photo, then get yourself dressed up. But don't go over board, like in a dress or something. Just do your hair or makeup out of the norm. 

O4. POSE! I love posing with my friends because it's so much fun. What we do sometimes is dance around & on the count of 3, whatever pose we're in, we have to stay in that pose & take the picture. 

O5. Play off of each other to make the best picture possible. 

O6. Use the color combinations on the camera. (i.e. Black&White)

O7. Print it out & remind yourself with it when you're having a bad day. 

Hope I helped (:
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