Juicy Academy RP:
I was really excited to see the Briarwood boys-it would be my first time. I took ages choosing my outfit, but was finally pleased with the end result, I thought it was absolutely gorgeous. My outfit was some metallic leopard-print leggings, a plain black top, a YSL necklace, Chanel bag and black Christian Louboutin heels. It was quite cold out so I wore my Michael Kors faux fur coat on the way, I went with Sephora (@allthoselittlethings), who's also from house Hearts and looked absolutely stunning as usual in a jumper, dark red jeans and Uggs. When we got there, Madison (@fabulous-alpha) introduced us to all the boys (and I noticed a particularly cute one!) and we went into the dinner hall. It looked amazing! There were three glass chandeliers hanging above the candlelit table and all the delicious Thanksgiving food was laid out. I sat down with Sephora on my left side and the cute boy I saw earlier on my right. He was really friendly and started chatting right away. His name was Dan, he had a love for literature, his favourite designer was Burberry and he complimented me and told me I looked gorgeous three times. From that moment, I was enchanted-it must have been love! Madison was with her boyfriend across the table, Tamara (@little-fairy-girl) was kissing hers in front of Smae and Sephora was talking to another hot guy. By the time we finished dinner the party had really started! It was so much fun, there were loads of drinks, dancing and loud music. We finished off by watching a film in the living room. The Briarwood boys had an inviting, warm, cosy living room, with a fire and black armchairs. It was rather late then, midnight to be exact, and I drifted off to sleep in Dan's arms.....
It was the perfect Thanksgiving party between us Juicy Academy girls and the Briarwood Boys. An absolutely amazing night for my first JA outing, I'm so glad I joined! Xxxxx
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