okay I have no explanation for my absence. 
But this tip will make up for it.
I promise!

So this first section of gifts will be to purchase and the second will be like little creative hand-made things!

So here we go!

Gifts to purchase:

1. Watches- For some reason, most guys love watches, I don't understand why but they do. Prices for watches vary and they're are so many different options so its crucial to do your research. I suggest getting the watch from a place like Macy's and Nordstroms or a department store like that. You don't want to get a super cheap watch but don't go overboard and spend like 200 on a watch. I've gotten by boyfriend this watch from macy's (http://www1.macys.com/shop/product/adidas-watch-white-polyurethane-strap-42mm-adh2703?ID=688086&CategoryID=57386&LinkType=#fn=BRAND%3DAdidas%26PRICE%3D50.0|99.99000000000001%26sp%3D1%26spc%3D35%26ruleId%3D27%26slotId%3D18) and he loves it. Another good place to look for watches is Zumiez. 

2. Wallets - You can get him a really nice leather wallet if he always carries one around. Some guys go for the casual shove the money in my pocket strategy but mostly wallets are a greatly appreciated gift. Make sure the wallet has a spot for things that he typically carries. For example, a money clip, ID holder, and a few extra card slots are most general and widely accepted and used by males. Places to purchase this are Pacsun, and Macy's.

3. Beanies- This is self explanatory, if your guy doesn't like beanies try a snapback. Beanies aren't usually that expensive but snapbacks can be, it all depends on the brand. Places to buy either are zumiez, pacsun, journeys, vans, and any place like that. 

4. Cologne - Go to Macy's or any perfume Kiosk and pick out a really pretty/sexy/whatever you want smelling cologne for your man. Don't go overboard and buy him the most expensive one, but don't buy one because its the cheapest, be thoughtful when picking this out.

5. Phone case- Get him a new phone case. I know guys aren't really into the whole phone case thing but you can always get him a plain one, or the vans cases are really popular right now so yeah. Where to buy these are pretty self explanatory. 

Some other random gifts to buy are :
*sport jerseys
*cool gagets 
*ties (if he's into that)

Okay now time for the crafty gifts!

1. Coupon Book - Make a cute coupon book for your boyfriend and give it to him. Make the coupons say "redeem this for a kiss of a lifetime" or "redeem this for the best hug ever" or anything along those lines. Make about 15-25 coupons and decorate how you please.

2. Cookies Galore- get your baking skills on and bake him a wide variety of yummy cookies. You can get practically any homemade cookie recipe from the food network website or you can always go to your local grocery store and pick up a whole bunch of cookie dough. 

3. Dinner for Two - Stay in one night and cook him a dinner. It doesn't need to be spectacular, its the thought that counts. Maybe make some pasta or paninis or whatever the both of you like. 

So I'm out of ideas for now I will probably add more later!
If you have any ideas please share them below!
And again I am so sorry for never making a tip in years!!!
But yeah!
I swear swear swear swear that I will be more active, like at least a tip a weekend and one during the week! 
so, yup!
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