The reason Jacqueline deserves to be a prefect is the reason she stands out at Perfect.Academy. She's not perfect, she's human and she has her flaws. However, she seems flawless and hides those cracks so perfectly she is like a goddess on Earth. She's put together at all times and has a reputation to back it up. The other reason she deserves to be a Perfect is she has a career to go to after the academy. That $100,000 and a contract could not only secure her dancing career but it could help her start her own dance company which is the real reason she came to Perfect Academy in the first place.

Jacqueline slipped into her Miu Mius while finishing her waterfall braid, pinning back the loose strands. She spritzes her wrists with her Poppy perfume, grabbing her Chanel shoulderbag. She wanted to be a Perfect //so// bad. And personally, she thought she deserved it. Most of the girls just wanted to rule the school but Jackie? No, she wanted, /needed/, that prize money to start up her dancing career. Her driving force to be a perfect was at least worthwhile. She sighs and shakes her head, walking out of her dorm. She walks through the chaos of the shouting and arguing and outside. She needed to clear her thoughts and she needed some fresh air.

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