age; 19
quote or lyric to describe your character; my biggest enemy is myself & it scares me
likes; her son - aidan, her platonic love - harry, baking, photography, winter, marie antoinette, collared blouse, cuddling, oversized bags, fast cars, ice cream
dislikes; talking about her past, rude people, cigarettes, being away from aidan and harry, her father's secretary, strangers, waiting
style; think balmain meets chanel and loubotins
previous occupation; stylist for her mother's line
born in germany, british by blood and raised in new york, pippa wallace was a privileged girl that leads a complicated life while growing up. she had everything in the list - abandonment issue by the parents, awesome twin brother, perfect platonic love, insecurity syndrome 101 and hell lot more. At the age of fifteen, a kidnapping gone wrong ended with her being raped. Needless to say, life was a living hell to her especially when she found out that she was pregnant. Her Aidan was born a few days before her sixteenth birthday, he lights her world and is the reason why she's still fighting for her life. At that time, studying wasn't even near her list, so pippa went on doing what she's best at which is styling people and baking (she sells cupcakes via facebook every weekends. the money goes into her various charities) her life is finally back on track again but of course nothing last forever. 


"I'm home!" I announced, shutting the door with a grin when I heard the tiny footsteps echoing the prim walls. My Aidan was awake.

"Mummy!" a sweet childish voice shrieked and before I knew it small arms were wrapped around my legs. 

My heart swelled as I looked down at the big brown eyes. "Hello, baby."

"Up!" and he opened his arms, signaling for me to take him.

I hoisted him up and let him snuggle against my neck - his innocent child scent lingering around. Kissing his forehead tenderly, "I've missed you."

Aidan nodded and snuggled deeper with a yawn.

"He's been up since morning, didn't get his nap," his nanny, Maya told me. "He was all hyped spending his time with his daddy. It is amusing how he is still up and Mr. Borrison is now snoring with Porroro watching him."

I laughed. "Harry doesn't snore."

Maya rolled her eyes. "Yeah and my grandmother doesn't too - I swear he does."

"You're tired, get some rest," I told her, "I'll put Aidan to sleep and wake Harry."

"Fine," she said, ruffling Aidan's hair before walking off with a good night. 

"Lets get daddy, shall we?" I said to Aidan as I walked through the hallway and towards Aidan's playroom. 

The television was on with Porroro on repeat. Toys were everywhere and in the middle of it was Harry, cuddled in between of two life size elmo and cookie monster. I didn't want to wake him but the cold wouldn't be good for his legs. 

I crouched down with Aidan now out of my arms and running towards his toy chest. Harry must have fed him tons of chocolates - he couldn't resist Aidan's pleading eyes. I couldn't too.

"Harry," I whispered and shook his shoulders. "Wake up, its almost twelve."

"Mhmm," was his only reply as he pulled elmo's leg closer. And then his eyes jolted open before he quickly sat up. "Where's Aidan!? I had him in my arms and..." he stopped, staring down at the red furs. "why do I have a red leg in my arms instead of him?"

I nudged my chin towards Aidan who was now staring at us. "There's the little monkey."

"Tsk," Harry shook his head and then looked at me. "Hello."

I love how spontaneous Harry is.
He was adorable.

"I got it," I told him and grinned. 

He raised an eyebrow at me, shooting a questioning look before it quickly turned into a huge smile. "You got it!"

"Mummy, got it," Aidan said with a clap.

I laughed. "I got into Running In Heels."
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