Sunday 12th - For those of you who's mothers are around it's mothers day. So it time spoil that special lady you call 'mum'. If not then a group of us are doing a charity walk to raise money for breast cancer awareness , don't forget to wear pink.


"Wren are you playing attention?" Len asked on his third cigarette. 
He blew the smoke out into the crisp morning air. We were currently sitting on the balcony of his apartment. The yearly mothers day brunch was being held at his house this time and i was called into help though so far we had only managed to wrap presents and made store bought food look presentable.

"Too what?" I asked looking out over the balcony. 
It wasn't a stunning view by any means.
Instead it was just a pattern of small bush areas , high view apartments and roads.

"Me." He said "Duh , you are going to uni right? how come you are getting dumber."

"Shut up." I said flicking some of the ash that was piling up at him. "What did i miss that was so important that it caused you to question my intelligence?"

"I was talking about Harry." He said with a grimace.

I looked away back out over the balcony "It is getting worse isn't it?"

From the corner of my eye i could Len nod solemnly a frown etched across his face. "But today we just act like nothing is wrong."

"For mum?"

"Yes. And for Harry... I guess." He said with a shrug. 

I rolled my eyes "He doesn't need people tiptoping around what is going on." 

"We aren't."

"Yes we are , we are pretending nothing wrong when there is." I said. 
This subject was always something that annoyed me.

"There is no point in starting something , today especially ." Len said looking at me , "Just don't" He said seriously before taking a long drag off his cigarette.

I shrugged not saying anything. No matter what i said it wouldn't be the right thing.

"So what time are they meant to get here?" I asked changing the subject. He shrugged checking his wrist despite not even having a watch on. "Soon?"

"Then we should finish what we are doing."

+ more soon. hopefully!
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