Jean-Baptiste Grenouille is the protagonist from Patrick Süskind's novel Perfume. Grenouille is born with an extreme form of hyperosmia (an abnormally strong sense of smell), which eventually leads to him becoming a serial killer.

His mother, who worked at the fish market, didn't bother to name him and was executed soon after his birth. Since only baptized children were accepted into orphanages, an officer called La Fosse decided to let him be christened at the Saint-Merri cloister.

I use fish photos to represent where he was born. He was obsessed with the smell, perfumes, women's hair... All that I have tried to represent in this set. I used the brown because he born in a very dirty place and I think it represent him right.

I use chains because he was caught at the end of the novel, and also use bloodstains because he was a murderer.

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