My book takes place in France in XVIII century, so I put many elements of French Baroque.

I put a fish because he was born in a fish stall in the market. That's where it all started for my main character. Also I put red fish because it represents very well the hair that he attracts women.

Of course I put perfume, Grenouille amazes the Italian owner of a perfume (which works for a while) with his ability to create fragrances. Perfumes are an essential part, since everything is what drives Grenouille is create his own scent.

[x] 1. Include a picture of your main character. You may use an actor from a film adaptation, an actor or model who looks like the character, or a drawing.
[x] 2. Include at least 3 pictures representative of your book's setting. For book series, try to use the main setting overall. Or, you may choose the main setting of one book, or your favorite setting. 
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