Persephone 'Sephy' Jane Briarwood

Full Name; Persephone Jane Briarwood
Age; Fourteen
Birthday; 21st December
Hometown; The Cotswold's, England
Appearance; Persephone has long, natural brown hair that reaches just past her shoulders. She likes to wear it down, feeling it tickle her arms. Her brown eyes are usually focused out into the distance, watching birds or dreaming of far away lands. She doesn't normally wear makeup as she likes the natural look.
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    "My name is Persephone Jane Briarwood, but, please, call me Sephy." — @x-thegingerfreak-x
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  • child | Tumblr
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    "This is me as a girl. I liked to explore; I still do." — @x-thegingerfreak-x
  • Pink VW campervan
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    "I travel the country with my mother and younger sister in this VW Campervan." — @x-thegingerfreak-x
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    "This is my mother, Etty. She's my hero!" — @x-thegingerfreak-x
  • Chinese toddler run over twice after being left on street
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    "This is my little sister, Snowdrop. I love her to pieces!" — @x-thegingerfreak-x
    A Chinese toddler was run over twice and ignored by nearly 20 passers-by in Guangdong Province in a case that has caused outrage around the world.
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    "I play guitar and love to play outside, where no one can hear me." — @x-thegingerfreak-x
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    "I'm not a typical teen. I don't use my phone very often, only to receive calls, and to occasionally phone someone myself. It's mostly switched off." — @x-thegingerfreak-x
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    "I do yoga every morning, and every evening." — @x-thegingerfreak-x
  • press on.
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    "I love to walk barefoot and feel the earth tickling my toes." — @x-thegingerfreak-x
    yoga inspiration and that rad healthy vibe.
  • i'm hella sad but hella rad yet i hella suck so
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    "This is my journal where I write and draw. I designed it myself." — @x-thegingerfreak-x
    Hamial. 14. New York City. Freshman
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    "I love henna, and regularly henna my arms." — @x-thegingerfreak-x
  • cause everybody dies in the summer.
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    "I dread my hair sometimes. I love it!" — @x-thegingerfreak-x
    friday. fifteen. pa. ☯
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    "I love art." — @x-thegingerfreak-x
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    "This would be my dream home." — @x-thegingerfreak-x
  • 25% OFF Rustic Fall Photography, Crimson Red Leaves, Autumn Photograph, Trees, Woodland, Nature - Everything is turning into Beautiful
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    "I love being outside, and am most days, even in the rain." — @x-thegingerfreak-x
    Fall photography by Irene Suchocki. Gorgeous red and orange leaves glow in last rays of sun. Please note that some of this photograph is intentionally, unashamedly, and beautifully blurry. That's where the magic comes from. TITLE: Everything is turning into beautiful SIZE: 8" x 8" This fine art photograph is printed by a professional lab on premium acid-free, archival paper, which has a luster finish. It will be signed by me on the back and shipped in sturdy, moisture-resistant packaging. Save money by ordering this print as part of a set:
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    "I love lavender. And all plants and herbs, really!" — @x-thegingerfreak-x
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    "I love to meditate, and do it daily." — @x-thegingerfreak-x
  • let your freak flag fly //
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    "I have an obsession with dream catchers! I'll buy anything to do with them!" — @x-thegingerfreak-x
  • Vo0doo.
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    "This is one of my tattoos that a friend of my mum's gave me!" — @x-thegingerfreak-x
    Love Kills.
  • horse photography fine art horse photograph sunlight farm country rustic horse portrait babiekins magazine Sunlit horse 8x10
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    "I learned to ride horses at a very young age. I love galloping across fields, feeling the wind in my hair." — @x-thegingerfreak-x
    Please see shop banner for holiday shipping deadlines. horse photography fine art horse photograph sunlight farm country rustic horse lover gift Title: "Sunlit horse" 8x10 Photograph is printed on Kodak Professional Supra Endura Paper. Frame and mat shown are for illustrative purposes only. Metallic paper is also available. Please contact me for pricing. All photographs are unmatted and signed on the back with acid free archival ink. Please see my shop policies before making a purchase for details about shipping and returns:
  • Valentines For > Holding Hands Love Drawing
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    "This is one of my drawings. I love all kinds of art." — @x-thegingerfreak-x
    holding hands love drawing
  • Peace Sign 3 Pale Turquoise 3 SVG
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    "I believe strongly in peace. It's very important to me." — @x-thegingerfreak-x
  • Asian Delights Incense Collections
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    "I love burning incense!" — @x-thegingerfreak-x
  • red flower petal top candle, italian blood orange 1 ea
    "And also candles!" — @x-thegingerfreak-x
    Intensely scented petals are pure and alive and free. Toss them into a hot bath with drops of oil and swim through flowers. Make offerings in small copper bowls or in big glass urns. Drop them into a drawer of sachets. Slip them into letters and words and into the quiet of temples called home. Or simply find a breeze and cast them in. Wait for their return. Listen. Everything that is memory matters. True indulgence is personal and takes a lifetime. Red Flower Italian Blood Orange Candle with scented petals. Generously fragranced. Clean, slow and pure burn for 45 - 50 hours.

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gah this is so perfect


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