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Mostly just keeping clean. This tip might be a bit shorter and also my next tip will be about boy language or htw crochet toms. Sorry for being a bit less active, I'm starting track and field and I'm really stressed out.


Brush your teeth in the morning and at night. Floss them at least once a day and don't eat crackers or snacks before bed. Brush with baking soda every so often to whiten them.

Shower your body every day and wash your hair every other day. (Don't wash your hair every day as it can be bad for you! Only wash your hair everyday if you have oily hair)

Apply deodorant in the morning and before gym class.

Get your hair trimmed once a month to get rid of split ends.

Wash your hands as much as you can to avoid getting sick.

When someone asks you a question while you're chewing on food hold your hand over your mouth while you answer them. Either that or finish chewing you food.

Cough only into your elbow or into the neck of your shirt.

A bit less basic:

When it's dry be sure to lotion your hands, feet and elbows or they will get dry and crackly.

Lotion your whole body after a shower every so often.

Remove any nail polish that's chipping and is looking bad. It looks awful when it's all chipped and it makes you seem lazy for not removing it. If you don't have nail polish remover I honestly wouldn't put on nail polish in the first place.

Don't pick your nose in public. (It's ok! This is weird I know and don't be ashamed! Tons of people do pick their nose and it's a bad habit. I used to when I was 10(In private of course) But I realized it was bad so I tried very hard and I broke the habit. Most do it in private which is perfectly fine just don't do it in public!)

Try hard not to fart when you're around people. It's hard to control but no one needs to smell or hear that. Leave the room if you need to. 

When it's dry I know you hair gets a lot of static. Put water on your comb and brush your hair and your hair will loose static for awhile.

Carry around chapstick to apply during the day.

Carry around feminine products in case of an emergency.

I don't know how often you shave since I don't. (No reason for me to yet) But if you do make sure you do that. Since I have no experience I have no idea how often.

Moisturize your face often and use acne medication. (If needed)

Don't touch your face during the day! It gets oil on your face which can lead to acne.

Drink lots of water to give you a healthy glow. (8-10 cups a day)

Get lots of sleep! (8-10 hours a night) And make sure you don't oversleep as it can actually make you more tired.

Use hand sanitizer, however not too much because I've found that most that I use dry out my hands.

Okay that's all for today! I know a few of these were a bit basic common sense but maybe some of these can help you! (I know some of them were a bit gross and some weren't even really hygiene but mostly just cleanliness)

So that was a bit short of a tip but I promise the next one will be longer and I will hopefully have it done before the weekend.

Claire ~ <3
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