@courtneycarson3 This Is Us

You were in the kitchen popping popcorn. While it was popping you came out to the living room. "Liam what are we gonna watch?" You ask him. "ummm...THIS IS US!" He said. "YAY!" You smiled. You ran back into the kitchen and grabbed the popcorn. You two turned out the lights and put in the CD. "Awww! Liam! I remember when you were at the x factor!! YOU WERE SO TINY!!!" You looked at him and pinched his cheek. He giggled. You gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I love you and your craziness." He smiled and kissed you back. You hit him with the pillow. "I am not crazy!!" You said. "Yes you are dear." He laughed and hit you back with the pillow. "Okay. I know I am." You winked. He giggled and you both payed your attention back to the tv. You rested your head on his shoulder.

I hope you like it! Sorry it was so sort and kinda cheesy. xx
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