It was a cold day so you decided to take a walk to Starbucks for a hot chocolate. As you were walking to Starbucks you were replying to a text you had gotten from your friend. Not paying attention you run into someone. "Crap!" You yell as you hit the ground. You looked up to see who you ran into. You met eyes with a tall charming looking boy. "I am so sorry!" He apologized. "It's my fault! I should have payed attention. I'm sorry." You say. He lends a hand down to you and helps you up. "Thanks." You said letting go of his hand to dust your self off. "Are you ok? You hit the ground pretty hard." "Yeah i'm ok. Thanks." You respond and smile at him. You two took a second and got lost in each others eyes. You giggled and looked down at the ground. "I better get going." You said starting to walk off. "Wait, Why are you leaving in such a hurry?" He asks. "Don't you wanna know my name first?" He winks. You giggled and push the hair away from your face. "Okay. Well maybe you should come along with me." You respond. You two walked to Starbucks just talking and having a good time. You two ordered then took a seat. After your drinks he gave you his number. "I will surely use this." You smile. "I was hoping you would."

Hope you liked it! xx Sorry for the wait. 

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