1. Which celebrity's style would you say best describes your personality?
a. Demi Lovato
b. Katy Perry
c. Ariana Grande
d. Victoria Justice

2. You are at the mall and you see these four tops. You only have the money to buy one. Which do you buy?
a. Sleeping Beauty sweatshirt
b. graphic tee with lots of words
c. hot pink batwing top
d. purple shimmer tank top

3. What word would you say BEST describes your style?
a. edgy
b. girly
c. tomboy
d. vintage

4. Which accessory would you say BEST represents your style and personality?
a. a pink and red heart headband
b. a feather necklace
c. a purple beanie
d. colorful bangles

5. You want to get highlights in your hair that represent you. What color do you get?
a. red
b. pink
c. purple
d. blue

6. You want to audition for X Factor. You wear...
a. a floral dress and combat boots
b. a Hollister sweatshirt, jeans, and sneakers
c. a lace top, hot pink jeans, and Ugg's
d. a ruffled pink dress, a cardigan, and flats

7. Which of these stores best showcases your style?
a. Delia's
b. Forever 21
c. Abercrombie
d. Express

8. Who is your style inspiration and why? Ex: Betsey Johnson, Selena Gomez, etc.

9. If someone were to look through your closet, what would they find most of?

10. If you were the star of a fashion tv show, what would it be called and why?

Comment below with your answers, @gigi-707 !! :)
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