2015 already start for me,after short holiday&university start with intensive than before.
idw to put it on new year resolution but something i must do on this year.

1.Learning how to cook
well i already joined cooking classes@my university but since open for free@Chinese language Dep. i'm only have to cook Chinese menu,you know what taste not that bad but look awful than another students O_O

2.Visit my grandparents in London,always telling them to wait&wait. this year i must make it happen.

3.Take care my health more,it was terrible i used my body to eat,play,work in double hard than normal so what i get is i easity get tired.

4.Gain weight ,seriously since(3)even tho i eat too much but spent much more+sick. it's never gain back since i got serious injured on 2012 ,first try 2 kg/3 months>>fighting:)

5.Have plan to travel after graduate on this spring.
haha time to spend my pocket money,yes first destination visit London and soon going to the north Ireland,Finland,Norway.

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