note: I know that Sigrid Agren looks amaaazing in red but I think Penny's character suits black better. And also, the picture of Sigrid Agren in the black in the top right hand corner is gorgeous and therefore my inspiration for her outfit.


Penny wasn't too keen on the theme today. She wasn't in the mood for standing out in bright reds and flouncy dresses. Whilst doing a bit of retail therapy earlier in the week, she had decided on dressing it down. She'd picked a simple black chiffon corset gown, it was Rebecca Taylor and Penny felt that it was beautifully simple. When wearing it, Penny's arched cheekbones and collarbones were enhanced and her pale complexion complimented the soft gown. A pair of Louboutins were resting at the end of her bed as she danced around in her underwear (a strapless, lacy bra and matching panties). Her hair had been perfected in the salon and was hanging in loose waves/curls around her face. Makeup was minimal, a dusting of light blusher on her cheekbones and little eye makeup. Instead of her usual trademark white nail polish, she'd had them painted a deep red, her effort for the theme. 

As Penny swirled around, she spritz No.5 Chanel on her chest and wrists before sliding into her dress ever so carefully. She slid into her shoes and adjusted her hair before picking up the black clutch bag she was using and put her essentials in it. She put a layer of clear lip gloss on her lips, showing off their natural pinkness. Penny adjusted her hair and was finally ready. She checked the time, noticing she was a couple of minutes early and gave a thought to her recently occupied mind.

She realised she didn't have a partner for the homecoming but didn't mind. She never did when it came to these type of things. Although Penny didn't mind not have a partner, she didn't want to be alone and hoped that Gazelle would meet her. ( @aphr0dite if you want to haha)

{doing a collab for Eli lol}
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